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SCOUTED: Fairy Drops Mascara and Snoe BBfied

Once in a while, I'm gonna write SCOUTED posts wherein I talk about products I've seen, but am not sure whether it's worth buying yet. There are moods where I have self-control and I don't really buy every single thing that catches my eye. Thank you, Jesus. That's also one of the reasons why my reviews are limited at this point. I WISH I had that capacity, though :P

For now, I'm keeping tabs on:

Photo courtesy of fairydrops.com

Fairy Drops Volume Mascara!

Tri-peanut wand, YUM! Yeah I just totally made up that word. Anyway, I saw a tester in Beauty Bar, Robinson's Magnolia (henceforth RobMag) and my only fear is that it looks like it will easily clump. I couldn't find out for sure 'cause I had mascara at the time and didn't test it.


Photo courtesy of snoe.com

Snoe BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix!

You just take your favorite moisturizer and add the BBfied mix to create your own BB cream. You can even create custom coverage depending on the amount of powder you add in. I'm not too sure about what will come out of that but I'm getting so worked up at the thought of a DIY BB cream!!!!!

I hate you, Angge for telling me about Snoe. I am now banning myself from exploring this site. *click scroll scroll*

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