Loving You Lately: Silicone Outer Mask
can wear glasses over my sheet masks. I used to do them without the outer mask anyway, but now everything's just cleaner~ I can gracefully and elegantly pat down my sheet mask without getting a sincerely because I don't have to spend 20 minutes in bed-ridden anxiety about my sheet mask falling patting down air bubbles in my sheet mask. The silicone mask tends too look bubbly, but the sheet is 100 floor just to fight gravity's disrobing effect on my sheet masks. Me, gracefully and elegantly sheet mask
SCOUTED: The 49 Edition
guess I just never got on to the habit. Barbi's actual sheet mask experience convinced me that beauty buffet sheet mask 50 for a sheet mask. Dermal sheet masks fit snugly and its' got great essence but it costs Php 70 and sheet masks since forever, and my sister did get a huge box of assorted masks for us to play with. I they're not South Korean folklore but actual, floppy tests of my patience. Beauty Buffet Sheet Masks, Php BBT Insta-friends are privy to my sheet mask story. It's not really a turning point but more of a
Mask of the Moment: Hayan Sheet Masks (Assorted)
hayan sheet mask standard for sheet masks and in fact, my first MOTM, Klairs, had 23ml as well. Hayan has a very obvious with Hayan, I barely get a few drops out. working while wearing Hayan Sheet Mask So of that 23g pack Masks The only silver lining is that I've been consistent with daily sheet mask use and bar the night I hour for me. Fit: wide Hayan Sheet Mask Hayan Masks have a really wide sheet. This would be great for venture out to Korea and Japan and find myself picking up 2 years worth of sheet masks :> Hayan Sheet Mask of the Moment: Hayan Sheet Masks (Assorted) sheet mask review sheet mask
Mask of the Moment: Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask
, like I always do, huhuhu. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask, USD 0.796 / 23ml sheet I've used a lot of on 3 crucial criteria: price, sheet and formula. I keep my sheet masks in a large acrylic basket in formula isn't enough to stick the sheet to my skin! Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask On the plus side routine. Overall Rating: 3 / 3 - worth a rebuy! As far as sheet masks go, anything under Php 50 and sheet masks every day just doesn't make sense (sarcasm font, get over here!) I'm judging masks based sheet mask review sheet mask
#BBT30DaysMask Winner + Life Update
Hello everyone! I'm so excited to finally announce the winner for this contest. It's been my personal mission to have a BBT reader try sheet masks 30 days in a month and I'm so excited that this contest's winner is somebody who posted on Instagram. The sheet mask selfie is my favorite mechanic! a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations, MJ! I really liked her IG post, which is a mask selfie of her and her bf (?). I'd love to repost it here but her profile's on private so I'm respecting that. Since I'm in such a good mood, I'm adding one high-tech sheet mask to her loot (not really, I just forgot to photograph and list it in the prize section of my contest post.) MJ, do respond in 24 hours because I don't have time to pick a new winner, okay?? To the rest of the contestants: thank you for joining! You've helped promote my blog and I'm sorry I don't have something for everyone who joined, but I do hope I get to see all of you around the blog :) Life Update I don't want to have to explain my posting schedule to anyone because that feels really... vain. Like, who cares if I don't post everyday? But I have a few ghost readers and I don't want them to think I've abandoned this blog. It's been difficult to retain my daily posting schedule because I've been working on a major life change. It's 99% in the bag but I don't feel like talking about all of it right now, other than letting you guys know that I'll be moving abroad by next week. The past three months have been a whirlwind of running red tape and stressing about decisions beyond my control. I'll admit I technically have time to blog, but I've been so overwhelmed by the move that I don't have enough energy to write. I still want to continue beauty blogging though, but I'm now pondering on expanding my topics. We'll see. As of now, just expect regular posting to be back by the end of September as I prepare to move and settle down :) I'm looking forward to updating my 3-year old bio!
SCOUTED: Cheapest Masks So Far!!!
I'm on the hunt for the cheapest everyday-friendly sheet mask. So far, I'm barely satisfying my Php 50 budget, with most finds at Php 55 - Php 75. A few days ago, I got an email from okayokay.com about Hayan 5-pc Sheet Masks at Php 179, slashed from Php 250. Php 36 per mask is PERFECT for my expectations but I thought I'd do a bit more research since deal sites aren't always priced as low as they'd have you believe. I looked up Hayan on Facebook and found out that they sell through Zillion.ph as well. They're priced at Php 129 here, and as far as I know, it goes by the piece. DEFINITELY A NO. I x'd that window right away. SerryMall.theshop.ph sells them at Php 99 but they have no shipping rate listed so I don't know what the total comes out to. I was planning to hoard with Serry Mall, but thought to search a few reviews first. There's no use stocking up on these masks if they're horrible. I found Martha's review and she says she liked them so my concerns were placated. But she says they were priced at Php 65 each, so.. what the heck? I tried another review, this time by Eyah and hers says they're Php 15 each. I mean seriously? Hayan are you high-an something? Get it? Get it?? Hahaha I'm sooooo hilarious. Anyway, I was browsing though Eyah's comment thread when Sammy boasted of Php 10 Charen sheet masks in this Korean mart. I'M LIKE, WHAT?! GET ME 50. She told one of the commenters that she got it somewhere along Garnet St. The boy says he knows a Korean mart in Garnet St. so we tried Sonamoo Mart. We didn't find anything there, other than delicious Kimchi. So, I guess I'm settling with Serry Mall's Php 20 (+ shipping) masks. Or maybe I should at least try Star Mall, Mandaluyong. Maybe I'll find Hayan rated at Php 15 over there... Did you like my bargain-hunting nose? Check out other stuff I've Scouted. hayan sheet mask cheap sheet masks
Origins' Cornucopia of Masks
went to the Flower Fusion Sheet Mask launch, I was able to take some sachets of Mega Mushroom lotion Masks are one of those seemingly-useless skincare steps. Falling outside of the standard cleanse-tone-moisturize basics, people seem to think masks are unnecessary marketing hypes. To be fair, I don't mask everyday myself. I simply don't have the patience but I've personally observed that my skin is noticeably different when I stick to a daily masking routine. But this is me. I can observe the difference but I do recognize that it's probably just the same old thing to an outsider perspective. I think the best time to use masks is when you have troubled skin, and then see about doing it everyday if that quality of skin pleases you. As for me? I have troubled skin every day so fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Backgrounder on Masks: Before Koreans revolutionized the skincare scene with sheet masks; clay or cream masks were all that existed. Clay, wash-off and peel-off masks usually have some kind of cleansing, retexturing or detoxifying effect. These are usually done after the cleansing routine. When I was younger and whenever I would use any of the above masks, I used to just mask and do away with the whole cleansing routine, thinking that cleansing + masks would be too harsh on my skin. To that, I now know: If a mask feels too harsh when used on a clean face then it is probably not the right mask for you. This is because a mask can only deliver all its promised benefits on clean skin, and if you need oil and dirt to dilute the pain, then you're subjecting your skin to discomfort for lessened or nullified benefits. While some masks can be uncomfortable, too much pain is your skin's way of telling you that you may need a milder albeit more regular method of detoxifying your skin. Sheet masks are usually done after toner, as their liquidy essences are best absorbed before anything heavier (such as lotions or creams) saturates your skin. These usually brighten and plumpen the skin. I personally apply sheet masks as the last step, because I cannot stand waiting 20 minutes in the middle of my skincare routine. I have heard of people doing the same to seal their skincare rather than boost it - I choose to believe that for convenience. Sleeping masks are done last. These, like sheet masks, are not meant to be washed off and are left overnight. They pull the double duty of sealing in previous skincare layers and boosting benefits such as healing and hydration. As a person with dry skin, these are my favorite types as they keep my parched skin from vomiting out skincare hydration back into the environment while I sleep. As specialized skincare products, I recommend finding samples of skincare masks. It's pretty tought to commit full-size if you're only using them for one concern, only to find you don't react well to them. Origins gives small sachets or sells trial packs of their own masks. Do check their counters in SM Makati, SM Megamall or SM MOA if any of the masks I'll be talking about below interests you! Origins' Cornucopia of Masks Origins surprisingly has all the mask types mentioned above. I was shocked myself to find that they have a sheet mask option. As an American brand, you would think they'd be ignoring the sheet masking revolution, but they haven't! I've tried Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks (P 150 / pc) in an FB Live here (and attempted to do it in Korean, btw.) They have 6 variants: Jasmine for Softness, Violet for Nourishment, Orange for Radiance, Rose for Hydration, Lavender for Soothing, and Raspberry sheet mask
Mask of the Moment: Too Cool For School McGirly Rice Wine Secret Whitening Gel Mask
mask, and I think it's because the gel sheet felt super smooth against my soaked skin. Keep calm and transparent sheet covers the bottom, sandwiching the gel mask in between. You have to remove both before sheet mask. It is a two-piece gel mask halved at the nose level, with a gel material to prevent the many bits are coming off. I thought it was an ordinary, one-piece sheet mask but it's a friggin' two sheet mask. Too Cool For School Mc Girl Rice Wine Gel Mask, 28g But, oh! How little did I know
Drunk Girl's Skincare: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate with Dr Morita
like to recoup all the lost hydration with a powerful sheet mask. I’m running low on my Korea-stock Morita mask’s quality is more similar to PHP 150 and up sheet masks, which are drowning in essence cos I look like I have boobs here. Photo by Yara Macalindog. I love how the Dr Morita sheet mask hugs , sheet mask plumpness and suppleness is very temporary, lasting me only about a day at most. So 40 per mask but that’s a Korea-based expectation and the cheapest ones I see here (PHP 75 sheet sheet mask sheet mask review
Althea Gold Sparkling Unboxing + Video
long to keep them on for and how exactly they worked. The step 2 sheet mask had a thick, smooth sheet shopping for sheet masks, I found the thin-essence, scratchy-sheet types at PHP 40-60 each. Onsaemeein Petitfree patches, it's not much different than a regular sheet mask with eye cutouts... except the rest leave my undereyes bare. I like using hydrogel eye patches in lieu of sheet masks because they cover the
My May 2014 BDJ Box Unboxing!
will hold up. Dermal Sheet Masks, Php 75 each. So if you follow me on Instagram (@BeautyByTellie -daily routine. I never used to wear sheet masks because I got so anal about the time limit and the ago, but she shared her own routine and that's what got me hooked. Sheet masks have a 10-20 minute while I'm pooping. Also, I'm currently going on an almost-daily sheet masking routine but I've gone brand of sheet mask. Beware of active ingredients and overexposure. These got me started on my near
Review: Missha Red Ginseng Mask
missha red ginseng sheet mask seemed to be a good move. Edge: 3D fit. Most sheet masks are made from flat sheets with strategic cuts see how my skin reacts so I'll be taking it slow. Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask Cost: Php 150 / 23g . Free one sheet sample care of my January SaladBox. Missha is available in SM Annex, North EDSA; SM sheet mask
Giveaway: BBT 30 Days Mask
to dry. Week 2 (Local): Dermal Sheet Mask x 7 (2 Snail, 2 Bee Venom, Cherry Blossoms, Aloe Mask x 7 - This would be a great starter. I find the quality average. There is a sticky after-feeling key. Soooo. Here's my one-month starter kit: Week 1 (Realiable): Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet sheet mask
My May 2013 Saladbox, featuring Missha!
Ginseng 3D Sheet Mask and I'm glad I get to try out a new variant! Thankfully, I'm no longer camera-shy so actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting this Missha box. I've received a Missha sheet mask (which I loved Sheet Mask in Honey, Php 150 / 20g I failed to take pictures of the lovely fit of Missha's Red
My March SaladBox Unboxing!
back in my Shiseido Challenge, I read up a little and learned to luuuurve sheet masks. I've been eyeing About: Innisfree It's Real Sheet Mask (Manuka Honey,) 20g / Php 180, 20g Sheet mask, whoo! Way
A Reconciliation of Sorts: Unboxing the March 2014 Saladbox "Beauty Recipes" Featuring Skinfood
mulling Korean skin secrets. I told her I trusted the daily sheet mask routine, which I am currently it with those MUJI dry sheet masks. Watery Berry Gift Set: Toner and Emulsion I didn't have much using it as a sheet mask but I am all up to try this! The formula doesn't smell particularly sugary
Too Cool for School at Glorietta 3: My Shopping Picks
immediate use for; I'm having a hormonal breakout that I've been stamping down with sheet masks. These
New Blogging Schedule + Back to Face Masks
sheet masks and wondering how to chronicle this. I have multiple variants or sheets of certain mask
The Hack to my Masks: Origins Maskimizer Mask Primer
am most excited to try the Maskimizer with sheet masks o_o The potential for plumpness is just C-R-A . Personally, I would now like to start trying the Maskimizer with other masks such as sheet masks and wash
January - February 2014 Saladbox: Descent Into Madness
jacket? Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites): Missha Cotton Sheet Mask in Pearl, Php 150 sheet mask I've gotten FROM SALADBOX. I've gotten one from the January 2013 Saladbox and May 2013 Missha
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