Iā€™m Kristel. I vlog. I blog. Professional makeup artist based in Manila. 300 hours training in Make Up For Ever Academy, Seoul, South Korea. I live makeup, you have no idea.

First Post

Hey everyone!

I really love everything about make up! I just love surfing the net and learning about how other people get creative with their beauty products. My favorite make up artist is Promise Phan, Michelle Phan's sister-in-law. She does amazing transformations, seriously. Go check out her channel hereHer best videos, IMO, are of her Adriana Lima and Drake transformations. DRAKE! Crazy. But she totally pulls it off.

I'll be doing a lot of product reviews on this blog. I want people to see the real deal with beauty products out in the market. We all have our own dilemmas and it's just nice to have some real advice and opinions.  I absolutely hate seeing ads worked into blogs and I will not have that here!!!

DISCLAIMER: I suck at all techie stuff. I will probably never be able to have a template better than the default ones and I probably won't be able to maximize my blog's presence. But at least I'll have my soundboard!

Bloggers who wanna leave advise and have their blog followed, holla! And for everyone else: feel free to share, leave comments, suggest topics and ask questions :)

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