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How To: Removing Pesky Price Stickers

My favorite color is white. My car is white, I love wearing white clothes and my favorite accessory is a pair of pearl earrings. My next favorite color is clear, or no color. I love glass chess sets and acrylic bathroom accessories. Unfortunately, there's nothing I hate more on my favorite color than the stain of price sticker residue.

How do I remove these "stains"?

Let's work with this Beabi powder container. I know it's not clear but I cleanly peeled off the  price sticker from my last purchase of an acrylic Q tips container. Anyway, I hate Beabi price stickers because they stick like hell! And I can never peel more than half of it off cleanly.

Here is my best attempt:

But that's okay, I know how to remove price stickers! 

After peeling most of the sticker off, squeeze a few drops of baby oil on the residual paper and adhesive.

Rub it with a cotton round, gently at first so the residue can absorb the oil. Then, add pressure with your fingernail over the cotton round to scratch off the remaining paper and adhesive. Don't use a tissue 'cause it will easily shred. This step should get most of the paper off.

Spray on a little rubbing alcohol and wipe with a tissue to remove any remaining chunks of glue. If the glue is really stuck on there, try rubbing it with a cotton round soaked with alcohol.

Tadaa! It's as if the container was never price-tagged!

Watch out for my next post on how to salvage pressed powder crumbs :)

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