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How To: Salvage Your Broken Pressed Powder

I love finishing up cosmetics as much as I love finishing up ballpens. There's just a sense of accomplishment that comes along with properly seeing something to it's true end instead of losing it to some engkantos.

Sadly, there comes a time in a woman's life when her compact powder hits rock bottom, or more appropriately, metal bottom. I call it the compact eclipse. This is what i mean:

When this happens, you only have a few days left 'til it goes from one piece, to one million.

No matter how careful I am with this it always opens up with a cloud of smoke. Also, I now need to wash my make up kit.

I swear I didn't drop that. The first compact is a different one, haha! But I don't like wasting things. AT ALL. So how do I deal with it? Well, I put all the crushed bits over some aluminum foil. Paper is fine too but I just didn't want a lot of the powder to get stuck on it. I also used a toothpick to scrape all the powder from the corners of the case. Then, I ground the make up into a fine powder.


That coffee stirrer sucked. I suggest using something wider at the bottom.

When that's done, I funneled all the fine powder into my de-stickerized beabi powder case. Check my other post to see how I got it so clean.

OHP film or acetate does not work well! I tried it before this and a lot of powder got stuck on it.

Put the straining lid on and...


No more waste :) This kind of container is usually used for mineral make up. I've learned from YouTube that the best way to use it is to gently tap the bottom so that a little bit comes out through the top.

Use your brush (I guess the sponge that came with your compact is fine too) to pick up the powder that went through the sifter.

And make up awayyyy!

Aaaand P.S. since this post's theme is recycling/maximizing, watch out for my next post on how to get a special treat when you recycle your old MAC make up containers.

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