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My November BDJ Box Unboxing

Instant gratification from the BDJ team. Paid on Friday, Received on Wednesday. Awesome!

Tadaa! My November BDJ box

Theme of the month: Take me with you. I love it! It's just in time for when most of us will be going on vacation for the Christmas/New Year holidays. Sample size is the perfect travel size so maybe I'll bring some of these on our vacation.


The box is really compact and sturdy. I am really impressed with how they pack these things. Since I opened it, I haven't been able to close it properly and I even took out the  paper confetti! I know I called it ugly in my Ultimate Guide, but after having a photo shoot with all the items, I mussayyy it's grown on me!

What I'm most excited about:
  • Nippon Cleansing SpongeWashing accessories are really great for dry skin.

  • Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam and Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream - I wonder if this will be better than my current cleanser and moisturizer. It's really cute!

  • L'Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap - L'Occitane products are notoriously heavenly-smelling!
  • Physiogel Hypo-allergenic Intensive Cream - My friend once told me this is good for "chicken skin." Watch out for my before and after review.

Other stuff in here:
  • Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream - I have daily sun exposure and I'm pretty much dreading having to hide my face on my daily morning walk (as you should when you use whiteners and peelers).
  •  Dentiste PlusWhite - Herbapeutic toothpaste formulated to fight morning breath. I'll have to check with my family for a smell test harhar!

  • Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes - I love doing my nails too, but only when I have the time and energy. I'm on the fence about this one 'cause I use pure acetone and it easily removes polish. Acetone that we usually get to buy from stores is around 40-60%. Non-acetone products usually do even worse than store-bought acetone.

Bonus stuff!
  • L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi-ACtion 8 Cleanser - Maybe I can ask my dad to try this out.
  • Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream - I'm not too interested in whitening my face. I'll probably just review this when I have nothing left to do.
  • L'Oreal Professionel INOA Hair Color and X-tenso voucher for Azta Urban Salon - I think I can use this after my sister's wedding for when I go red again :) I don't know about the extenso/perm discount 'cause I'm kind of set on getting this done at Tony and Jackey, who gets wave sizes just right.
  • Strip Upper Lip Waxing voucher - I thread my upper lip 'cause I usually get residues when I get myself waxed. Meh on this one.
  • Shiseido FREE product sample, quick facial and 15% discount - I used to get my make up from Shiseido but I might just check it out again. I think they have good blush.
  • L'Occitane 10% off - Meh. I'm not much into skin care.

That's 13 items! And for P480 /box, definitely not bad. I'm super excited for my December and January boxes. I'm even thinking of getting the February one too, just 'cause it's Valentine's :P Check them out at

Bought a compact? Watch out for my next post on how to salvage your pressed powder crumbs. I'll be posting a mini tutorial on how to remove pesky price stickers too!

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