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My November GlamourBox Unboxing

Hey everyone! I know a lot of people are excited to see what all the fuss is about this GlamourBox. I guess a lot of people got their heartstrings pulled when I shared how the best boyfriend in the world got me an "extinct" November GlamourBox and a sold-out December box. Check out my post to get the full story.

Even though I made a promise to myself to publish unbiased and honest reviews, I know this post is not "business as usual." I just can't help but automatically feel attached to these things 'cause it's a really sweet gesture from someone really special to me.

But I know y'all are excited to take a peek at what's inside the box, so here goes!

At first I thought this box was huge, like almost long bond paper-sized. But it's just about twice as wide as the BDJ box. It's pretty sturdy, I can definitely use this to organize my ten million pounds of clutter.

The first / welcome box definitely packs a punch. There are two full-sized items and some cotton rounds for the facial samples. It really feels glamorous and luxurious and I absolutely love how there are unrecognizable brands in here. It's definitely for those who are looking for their next adventure in their kikay-ness.

Eye of Horus Mascara

The full-sized Eye of Horus mascara promotes healthy lash growth and regeneration. I love these peanut-shaped wands 'cause it makes application so easy on both corners of my eyes. On the inner corners, my eyelashes are shorter and finer. On the outer corners, they're being pushed up against the rest of my lashes. The peanut shape picks up all these fine and tangled lashes. Another plus is the soft, plastic bristles (no, I don't mean nylon). Their stiffness works well to distribute the product through my fine lashes.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener. The sample size looks just about right to get a proper review out of it. I didn't get the Benefiance Pop Up Mask though, I wonder if it's 'cause this is a November box or there was some glitch. Now I'm even more curious about that one!

Yves Rocher Slimming Action Concentrate

I'm thinking about using this on my softened bowling arms or my belly. I'm kinda scared about slimming my face as a little chub is a good look on me.

Ofra Lip Palette
This one's pretty exciting; it's a full-sized lip palette, lip brush included. I love how the colors are all wearable, and that there's even a clear/base tone. The pinks, burgundies, corals and nudes can work on all skin tones and I'm really excited about using this for my everyday look, which is the no makeup look :)

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

So I thought my seasonal allergies would prevent me from testing these perfumes. It turns out, my own stupidity, as usual, will be my bane. I sprayed Amethyste on my eye ADJSFLNV;ECC. Please give me a minute to recuperate.

Man this Amethyste smells nice on my eye. I normally don't like floral scents but this is a solid plus in my book. It smells like a young, stepford MILF.

The Aqua was fine, I don't think it was water-y enough nor hinted at the correct musk I appreciate in aqua scents. It's no Cool Water but I guess other people will like it.

Bonus items!

I love the bonus section. I know they're just there, clumped with the rest of the items, but it definitely makes you feel like there's a part 2 to your box. 

Here are the bonus items this month:

Burberry Sport
I'm definitely excited about this one. Last Chistmas, I was shopping for scents for my bf and this was one of the scents I was choosing from. It definitely smells like a handsome, sophisticated, rich man. 

I'm on the fence about this one. It smells like country club daddies.

Cotton rounds and Yves Rocher gift card worth Php 200
Some cotton rounds for your new samples and a discount voucher for the Yves sample. That's clever!

Overall, I feel that this is a really good box. There's a great, well-thought out balance between fragrances, skin care and cosmetic products. Definitely worth the re-buy. But I don't think I have to 'cause someone already got me a quarterly subscription. YESSS!

Check them out at: They've just recently opened the ordering for January boxes so get them NOW!

If you'll excuse me, I have to end this abruptly. Ang hirap kaya magblog na isang mata lang. Amethyste, I'll get the best of you yet!

EDIT (Dec. 25, 2012): I realized what an eyesore the extra large pictures were so I made them a little bit smaller for a smoother viewing experience.

Holiday Note

November and December Glamourbox Twin Treat!