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November and December Glamourbox Twin Treat!

Earlier today, my boyfriend was insisting on dropping by our place to give me my Christmas present. And being the horrible person that I am, I argued with him about how he should just wait 'til we would next meet and just have an exchange gift then, when I'd have bought my present for him as well.

So he just dropped off his gift and just left, instead of letting me open it in front of him like we agreed to before I fought with him. Now I feel like a major d-bag cause he got me this:

It was so unexpected! I really did cry. And I swear I'm not that materialistic but it's just so darn sweet. My bf is like the ultimate man's man and so I could just imagine him researching Glamourbox and trying to haggle with the GB team to get one. So cute :3

Here's the deal:

I first found out about Glamourbox on December 7. I texted my bf saying how much I'm into it, and how I'm so tempted to buy it. I just didn't do so yet 'cause I was a little hesitant to have another splurge. Usually, I only have one splurge every quarter and I already spent a lot on Aqua in Trinoma. So I let it sink in first. Later that day, I would find out about the other sampling services and proceed to try to buy from every single brand.

I was pretty heartbroken about not getting a GlamourBox especially since I couldn't even line up for the January one. Adding salt to the wound, I saw from GB's wall that they had recently reopened subscriptions to the December box at around Dec. 4, three days before I found out about the box! At this point it was pretty much hopeless trying to get a GB for 2012, so I let it go.

And yet here we are with a November box. How did he do it?!
I soon forgot about it just promising myself to check in frequently so I'd be sure to have a slot for the January one. In the meantime, I just focused on the other brands that could already deliver a box to me.

Then my bf bugs me about this gift, and my first guess is that it's one of those all-in-one make up kits 'cause the box was pretty huge. But only because there were two GlamourBoxes in it!

I love that he does the "tadaaa" thing too :P Actually I think he taught me that.

At first, they reject him. But he uses his oh-so-charming ways that they actually agree to give him a box for me in time for Christmas. A box that they keep telling everyone is already sold out and for which they are no longer accepting orders for! And they even let him choose between November-January or December-February box!

I'm telling you girls, this guy is dangerous, but he's all mine so no need to worry ;)

I can't deny, I definitely am one lucky woman :)
Thank you so much babe. And thanks to the GlamourBox team, too! Definitely gonna have a merry Christmas this year!!!

This is just a teaser. I just couldn't get over my bf's sweetness. Watch out for my next post, I'll be unboxing these babies with glee in my heart!

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