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Recycle Your MAC Cosmetics Containers!

When I did my Salvaging Your Pressed Powder post, I had an emptied MAC Studio Fix powder case but of course I didn't throw it away! Why, you may ask? 'Cause there's a little thing called Back to MAC.

The basic gist of it is, you check your empty makeup container if it has this Back to MAC stamp at the back / bottom:

Collect any six and head on over to the closest MAC counter to get a FREE LIPSTICK for helping them recycle! As far as I know, almost every container has this stamp, except the seasonal collections. I have powder cases, liquid concealer tubes, a primer bottle, a paste concealer container and a lip glass tube all up for trading

HOWEVER, and this is a very big and depressing however, I went to MAC in Shangri-La Plaza last Friday and learned that this particular program has been discontinued in the Philippines for around six months already!

I also tried to do it online but it only works for US and Canada residents. Lucky them, they just send out their old containers and get their new lipstick in the mail :(

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, Back to MAC is still on in other countries and LUCKILY we get to go out of the country this year for the holidays so I'll be packing my smallest, six old containers and be hopefully coming home with the lovely Shy Shine.

MAC's Shy Shine: Photo care of Michelle Marie.
I'm being hopeful here because Shy Shine is from a seasonal collection, and that's why it's no longer in MAC's website. I hope I can get something really close to this perfect pink-nude shade and if not, I'll probably get something I'd never spend my money on, like a bold red shade :)

Here's what the MAC team has to say about why they're doing Back to MAC:

Photo cropped from the MAC Cosmetics site.
Check out MAC Cosmetics' Back to MAC page and see for yourself :) Help me pick a shade! What would you get from MAC if you could get a free lipstick? Sound off on the comments section below.

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