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Vacation Haul: Day 1

Vacation means taking a break, right? Well, when it comes to makeup, there is no break! Here's what I've been spending my shopping allowance on:

L-R: Men's Biore Pore Strips (10pcs./box), Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, Women's Biore Pore Strips (10 pcs./box.)

Well, it's not exactly a haul, but my blog, my rules!

Biore Pore Strips (10 pcs./box), available in Watson's

I love Biore. It is sooooooooo effective in taking out blackheads and whiteheads. I feel like such a grimy freak after I use these things, even if I wash my face every day! Check out KSP9876's YouTube video of a close up removal of Biore pore strips. It seriously looks like he's sheet-harvesting a bunch of sweet potatoes.

I got one for me and my bf so I can feel better about how much worse his pore situation is.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, available in department stores

This one, I only washed last night and it didn't dry in time for today. We were just looking around for cosmetics and we chanced upon this glorious gift from God. Shiseido's Perfect Foundation Brush is the softest, densest brush ever and coverage is insane. When the makeup tech was demo-ing their latest foundation on my sister, we noticed that it wasn't really remarkable but it was the brush that was doing the magic! We felt the brush and immediately fell in love with it. We even forgot about the foundation she was showing us and just went crazy over this one. Yes me, my mom and two sisters all got one each, that's how convincing it is! I also love that it has a brush guard with it, we didn't even know that when we got it. I can't wait to try it out :)

I love shopping for cosmetics abroad! I feel like there's not enough variety and timeliness in Philippine collections so I feel so blessed that I'm able to even look around up here. All the makeup lines are just more complete and the salespersons really study up on the new collections. It also doesn't hurt that makeupalley users say that cosmetics are cheapest in Hong Kong (while it's most expensive in Australia) so it really can make a girl go crazy!

Stay tuned tomorrow and take a peek at what I bought on day 2 ;)

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