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Vacation Haul: Day 2

Another day means another chance to stock up on make up! Mission for day 2: the search for perfect eye bag coverage. Nobody can ever really buy just one piece of make up so here is what the makeup shopaholic got herself into:

Don't worry, two of these didn't cost a thing!

Why eye bags in particular? Now that my hair is a little bit darker than what I normally wear, my face is so washed out and pale. Hello eyebags.

My usual faded red hair in faint sunlight (L) and my new dark brown hair in the shade, with bright sunlight in the area (R)

How do we solve this problem? With makeup, of course! Here's what I got for my huge panda problem:

Benefit Go TropiCoral lip and cheek set (L) Benefit Perk Up Artist custom complexion set (R)  and FREE Dandelion Wishes  powder and gloss set (B)

While we were randomly walking around the department store, my mother  found the perfect concealer for herself. Envy!!! She got the Clé de Peau concealer which looked so amazing and fine and natural on her that I want to cry. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get a proper shade to match my skin tone. My consolation prize is that she made a donation to Beauty by Tellie. Here is the free skin care sample she received with her purchase, now all miiiine:

4-Step Routine: Makeup Remover, Cleansing, Balancing, Daytime Moisturzing, Nighttime Moisturizing

Back to the story: my sister says I couldn't get a match because my bags have crossed the threshold. Concealer is not enough, sorry naman. So off we went to Benefit to get some Erase paste / corrector.

The saleslady recommends this complexion set instead and I am sold on how blended and natural it looks on me!

Benefit Perk-Up Artist L-R: Correct, Cover and Brighten
Step 1 is the corrector.  This is important for dark circles so that you can pile on the concealer without having the "white goggles" look. Step 2 is the concealer itself, which further matches the corrector to your overall skin tone. Step 3 is the brightener, which  has micro-shine particles to reflect light on your skin, further camouflaging the darkness and making all the caked on product look natural.

While getting the stock, she saw me looking at some highlighters and immediately pounced, offering this lip and cheek set:

Benefit Go TropiCoral L-R: ChaChaTint, High Beam highlighter, Coralista powder + brush, Ultra Plush Coralista lip gloss 
Coral is my color and I really want to try the much-loved ChaChaTint and High Beam so I didn't hesitate to get the set. I wasn't even supposed to buy this thing but the combination of the products made it all worthwhile.

The total sum I accumulated with my sister, who bought a Dandelion Wishes blush, enabled me to get this Dandelion Wishes sample package:

Benefit Dandelion Wishes: Dandelion blush (L) and Ultra Plush Dandelion lip gloss (R)

But wait, there's more!

In my Recycle Your MAC Containers post, I was whining about how I was blindsided by the cancellation of the Back to Mac program in the Philippines. Luckily, they have it here. You need six to get a new lipstick so I brought everything but the compacts in my luggage.

Items to be sent Back to MAC!

Here's what I got in exchange for helping save the earth:

I'm so happy because I thought this was discontinued, yet they still have it here!!! I got the Shy Shine, I got the Shy Shine lalalalalala!


It was supposed to be my second option for the Back to MAC freebie but I couldn't get the thought of a bold red lipstick out of my mind, even after getting my beloved Shy Shine. So I went around and tried a lot of slut red lipsticks. I was really hypnotized by the Giorgio Armani lip maestro in 402 Chinese Lacquer. It's advertised as the first matte lip lacquer which makes it really interesting. Liquids that can look matte aren't all that common. Even matte nail polish is a pretty new thing.

Banner courtesy of Giorgio Armani. Close kami?
I tried it on and it was in liquid form but it really did apply perfectly matte. However, I thought about it and decided on the much more flattering NARS  Manhunt:

NARS Sheer Lipstick in Manhunt
Caution: Red hot!

It's really, really red but has just the right amount of orange to look young and trendy. And then to make it last longer, you need to get a complimenting shade of lip pencil. I got one in Red Square

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square

Aaaand that's it for day 2! I need an intervention, heeeelp!

But since my haul posts are two days delayed, nobody can do anything, wahahaha! So check in tomorrow for my next post on day 3 hihihi.

Me and my Manhunt lipstick say hello from Hong Kong :P

P.S. Baby it's just the name of the shade. I'm not actually hunting for men right now 'cause I got you :P

It's over 1000!!!!

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