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Beauty by Tellie Scoring System

Hello! If you find yourself on this page, I most likely directed you here from one of my product reviews. I just find it useful to have a uniform scoring system instead of just publishing the first number that comes to mind.

I've decided to review products based on these six categories:
  • Price & Availability - There must be a good price - quality relationship, otherwise, it's just not worth it. I don't mind the cost that much, however, I'm gonna put it up anyway for information purposes.
  • Product Information - Again, for informational purposes only.
  • How to Use - Products that don't need a lot of prep get extra points!
  • Performance - How well does it do what it claims to do? Is it replaceable?
  • Lasting Power - So I know what products I can rely on when I know I'm gonna sweat it out. As long as it stays put for 4-6 hours on a normal day, it's fine with me.
  • Edge - What's different about the product? Score already hovers at 3 if there's nothing different about it.
  • Rebuy - The rebuy category is the most telling of all. If a product is really good, I wouldn't care about the price or hassle of using it. I will buy it again and again.

Here's my scoring system, in a nutshell:

5: LOVE!!! I'll always have it on hand and it'll be tough to replace with a different brand.

4: Above Average. It did it's job well and is suited for me. I just don't see myself having a constant supply of it and I'd be open to switching brands.

3: Average / Meh. It did it's job, but it's nothing special. I can forget about that product and I won't feel any sense of loss. Maybe it's more suited for others?

2: Poor. It doesn't do what it's supposed to. 2 and below is blacklisted for Beauty by Tellie.

1: HATE!!! Total, complete fail.

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