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Haul: Waiting For My Friends Edition

Have you ever needed to kill time at a mall, alone? Here's the story: I went to The Block to meet up with a friend before she left for a US "soul searching." Soshyaaaal. Anyway, I arrived  too early and ended up having to wait for her to get her lashes done. I would have checked out F21 and Uniqlo, but I already roamed those stores while I was waiting for her to get to the mall. Now I had one more hour to... do what? The attendants told me I couldn't stare at her pretty, sleeping face while she was having her lashes done. Where, oh where could I go?

Being the nouveau (a.k.a. noob) blogger that I am, I decided to check out Etude and Watson's to see what's new on the shelves.

I better not plug up your pores!

I was hypnotized by this deodorant-like bb cream from Fairydrops. It smells really nice but I wasn't too sold on it, and I still had two tubes of bb cream at home.

Over at Watson's on the other hand, there was mostly just the stable, reliable drugstore makeup you expect to find. In the end, I ended up buying these:

L-R: Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner in 003 Graphite, Ardell #106 Lashes #106 and Etude Beauty Blender

  • Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner in 003 Graphite, Watson's - I'm just so tired of all my brown and black eyeliners. I think a graphite pencil liner lies in between the subtlety of brown and the drama of black. Subtle drama. Fierce!
  • Ardell #106 Lashes, Watson's - Anyone who uses falsies needs to invest in differently shaped lashes. I've been pretty conservative so far and this is my first set of spiky lashes. I've only ever had natural, a thick version of natural and half-lashes. This was thicker but the dips make it look more natural instead of broom-like so again, subtle drama.
  • Beauty Blender, Etude - SO CUTE! I don't think I want to take her out of her box huhu.  I can't even imagine using her to put foundation on, but I can imagine having a cup of coffee with her, teehee! I'll name her Helga 'cause she looks like a matryoshka. Don't worry Helga, you're safe with me!

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