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How to: Pack Light

It's a constant challenge for me to pack light. My clothes are no problem; I've picked up everything Martha Stewart has suggested from recycling layers and sleepwear, to rolling instead of folding.

However, last December was the first time I was able to actually apply the most obvious tip in packing your toiletries light: go travel-sized. Usually, I just buy the smallest versions of all my toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, facial wash, etc. The smallest-sized toiletries are  still good for around a month's worth of use, though. I know I can go waaay smaller. So for this year's holiday vacation, I shopped for containers from MUJI and beabi.

L-R Cream jars, pocket scissors and a notepad for blogging ideas 
T, L-R: Oil bottles and pump bottles for shampoos and conditioners
M, L-R: Smaller oil bottles, airless spray bottle, powder bottles
B: Cream jars

With these supplies, I downsized this:

to this:

Please wash your containers before you use them!

To top it all off, I'm currently reviewing the Shiseido Benefiance skin care line, which are combined samples from my BDJ and GlamourBox boxes! 

Moisturizer and foaming cleansers c/o my November BDJ box
Balancer from c/o my November GlamourBox

In over four years that I've had my handy-dandy hangable toiletry organizer, this was the first time I was able to close it properly! Most of the time it gets so stuffed that when I close it up, it doesn't fold into three compartments but just rolls into one big ball. Hooray for small containers and hooray for subscription boxes!

My next project is to get a travel-sized make up brush set. That could be my next quarterly splurge :P

I'm looking for more travel tips so comment or email them to me. Next post is on beauty stuff I got for Christmas and other new stuff I bought :P

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