Iā€™m Kristel. I vlog. I blog. Professional makeup artist based in Manila. 300 hours training in Make Up For Ever Academy, Seoul, South Korea. I live makeup, you have no idea.

It's over 1000!!!!

Hello everyone! I interrupt your daily scheduled dose of beauty to bring you this special announcement: Happy New Year!

I started blogging for fun in Dec. 13 and I'm so happy I got a milestone before the year ended. I wanted to catch the 1000th hit but this is the number I got to as soon as I got home from my vacation, 12:55AM Dec. 30.

1009 views woohoo!

A big thank you to everyone who views my blog. It's fun blogging about something you like but it's even more fun if you have readers to make that journey with you.

I also appreciate everyone who gave comments, advice and support, online and offline. You all helped me improve my blog :) I thank my family too, who keeps giving me stuff to blog about hahaha.

Most especially, thank you to my #1 fan, love you bb :*

I have a lot more goals for this blog but as the year ends, I just appreciate where it is right now. If anyone was educated or inspired, what an honor. To anyone who was amused; I'm glad. The feeling is mutual hahaha. Ok I guess that's that. Relax, Gawad Urian awardee?

As promised, my day 3 haul is coming up next!

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