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My December-January BDJ Box Unboxing

My December-January BDJ Box

Whassap girliesss?! Did you miss me? I hope my weekdays-only blogging schedule doesn't leave you without BBT for too long. Anyway weekdays seem to work fine because I 've noticed that I get the most hits during office hours, especially 8am and 12nn (you slackers.)

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to find out what the BDJ Team gave to their Bellas as an apology for the delayed/cancelled December box, skip to the first product picture and read on from there.

A few weeks ago, while I was on vacation, I got an apology text from BDJ. They wouldn't be able to send the December box due to "circumstances." BOO! But I am glad that they announced it every way possible: text, email, facebook and twitter. There's no shame in a cancelled box as long as you assure your customers that they will still get the boxes they paid for. I just feel bad for girls who subscribed to only BDJ and didn't get any box this Christmas season. QUE HORROR!!!

A tedious Friday rolls by and guess what greets me at home?

My December-January BDJ Box!!

First thing I thought picking it up is: WOW it's kinda heavy. I'm already anticipating a full-sized product, as it seems to be what the different Philippine-subscription boxes are using to get customer share. I'm praying it's not Garnier.

So I open my box and notice something a little different. The box is wrapped in one of those plastic bags that close through a sticky seal on the flap. I thought it would be to make sure that the lid doesn't come undone during delivery, because the box was kinda heavy. But lo and behold:

                       My BDJ Journal!

Man, BDJ really does know how to treat a girl. This is so perfect because I've been into journalling lately, to improve my writing. It says on the card that it's their token of apology for the cancelled/delayed December box. It even has a 20% discount for the BDJ planner! Aww <3 I love you too, BDJ team!!!

Anyway, on with the box. The theme is Resolutions, 'cause it's the New Year right? This box is definitely a step up from the previous ones. For one thing, NO GARNIER!! Champagne!!! Party!!! Confetti!!! LOL BDJ already gave me the confetti AND ACTUALLY, my sister has some leftover champagne here soo..

What I'm most excited about:

Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser

I am so stoked about this one! I once had a voucher I used for Suriya Spa in Crowne Plaza, Ortigas. They use Pevonia there and OMG their products smell soooooo heavenly. It permeated throughout the whole reception area, but not in an in-your-face, headache-y way.

Etude House Moistfull Colagen Emulsion and Freshener

I'm always up to try anything that comes from Asian brands as I believe it will be more compatible with my skin. Etude is suuuuch a cute shop with creative and current products so I'll line this up for when my SkinFood trial is done (I just finished with Shiseido Benefiance.)

Flormar Longwearing Lipstick in L21

Longwear lipstick.. IN PURPLE? Time to be adventurous! At least I can now do a vampy/goth look.

Other stuff in here:

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water

I'm kind of sad about this one because I'm thinking of getting a Digi Perm and I'm not gonna be able to try this out on curls. Boohoo! It's one of the full-sized products for this month, too :(

Burberry Body Eau De Toilette

This one smells nice. I love musk and it reminds me a little bit of my previous go-to scent, Body Shop's White Musk.

Snoe Beauty Beso Balm

Oh I'd just been checking out Snoe recently! Hmm.. I don't think I wanna plump my lips any more, 'cause they're pretty large as they are. Still, I'll see how this goes. It's mint and mint balms are definitely a must. BDJ gets kikay points for this, at least now they have fresh brands!
Flormar Nail Enamel in 378

AW hell to the no!! I hate this color. I didn't edit the picture perfectly but the real color is a tacky, shimmery hot pink mess. I think I'll just use this for my next mystery nail project :P


Tony Moly Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream

Off you go to my stuff-to-be-reviewed box...

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

... along with your sisters! OMG such cute sample sachets! The full-sized jar looks cute too.

Clockwise from top: Browhaus Php 500 off, Tony Moly skin care 10% discount, Azta discount for Php 1000 on Inoa dying and Php 2000 for L'Oreal Digital Perm and Rebonding and Etude skin care 10% discount.

  • Browhaus Php 500 off - YES!! MY non-existent eyebrows are happy about this one :P Like I've said, I don't have a lot, so the most I can do with my brows is have it shaped nicely ;)
  • Tony Moly skin care 10% offThe usefulness of this depends on how I like the sample.
  • Azta Salon Php 1000 off on Inoa dying and Php 2000 off for L'Oreal perm and rebondingI think I already have the same coupon. I'm kind of torn because it's a really big discount but I'd like to have it done at Tony & Jackey. Last time I had my hair Digi Permed in Azta, they turned me into a Sto. Nino :(
  • Etude skin care 10% offTHIS, I can use :)


I said a while back that I'm sort of ready for my last BDJ box and just have one subscription. But come on! How can you say "no" to this ultra sweet team? Not only have they diversified their brands, they've also diversified their products. They now have three cosmetics whereas before they had none. They're also trying to give us a wide range of products from  fragrance, skin care, hair and cosmetics. Whatever they didn't offer at first, they won't hesitate to give you now.

BDJ consistently delivers quantity and something full-sized. So I'm sure if I stick to my subscription, I'll just get happier and happier. They might not have come out with guns blazing but if they continue to listen to what their clients want, they're sure to be a favorite! And yes, I've just renewed my 3-month subscription :P

P.S. I've started editing my photos with very basic (caveman-esque) levels of PS "skills." There's a lot to learn and I'm experimenting with a lot so please bear with the changes.

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