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My January Glamourbox Unboxing!

Hello, hello everyone! I'm still trying to get used to my weekdays-only posting schedule. It's still a little hectic but I really hope it gets better after this weekend :) In the meantime, let me leave you with this glorious unboxing of my January Glamourbox care of the best boyfriend in the world. Check this link to get the full story :)

Once again, a damned package arrives and I don't even notice 'til the next day. UGH. This is what's inside:

My January GlamourBox!

Theme for this month is Beauty Resolutions. I really like all of the items and brands in here and Im 10,000% sure I want to renew this subscription :)

What I'm most excited about:

Aqua Mineral Contura Eye Cream and Juveness De-Wrinkle Cream

I had the Aqua salt scrub and body lotion demo-ed on me in TriNoma and the smell is faaaaaaantastic. I swear I'm not that much into body products but that was just an olfactory orgasm. I'm excited to try it out hoping the eye cream and de-wrinkle cream are as fragrant as the body products.

Kanebo Freshel Mineral bb cream

Ok, I know I already have the best face with Chanel but still, it's cosmetic samples that make me jizz in my pants. Kanebo is also a really good brand I've tried before so I want to see exactly how well this will do.

KJI and CO Lip Staysss in Dolly Blush

KJI & CO has claims to stay on even while eating. I'll have to see. I love the sweet pink color, it will go great for when I want to do a simple, Korean look :P

Other stuff in here:

emerginC hyper-vitalizer cream

I don't like to complicate moisturizers. Whatever they may advertise, I believe they all work.

LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base in Illuminating

This is interesting, the color is also very easy to work with. I'll have to see if using it alone will give me a simple, no makeup look. I'm not super excited by this one because as far as I know, Urban Decay has the best review out there and I already use that one.

Nippon Wedge Sponges

I don't really use wedges and I just bought a beauty blender, ack! However, I do have a good experience with the Nippon facial cleansing sponge being that it's really easy to clean up afterwards, so I have high expectations for this one :)


I love this box! I love how there's no fragrance! I love that there's no coupons either! The focus is just on the samples and they all shine. GlamourBox is a no-nonsense beauty subscription service and it really delivers interesting and relevant cosmetics. I can't wait to get my next one!

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