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Review: Biore Pore Pack/Pore Strips

My first review, yay!

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Cost: HKD 25.9 in Watsons, Hong Kong. Also available in Sasa, Hong Kong and through  online resellers at

Product information:

It comes in a box of ten, individually foil-wrapped pore strips. The white cloth-like strips have the adhesive side stuck on a clear plastic sheet for easy identification of the sticky side and dry side.

There's a men's version too, at the same price. I think the only difference is the shape and positioning of the slits to accommodate a wider nose.

How to Use:

Not to be used on: overly dry skin, chemically-treated skin and on pimples.

PROTIP #1: Steam your face for 5 minutes to relax the pores and soften the sebum.

PROTIP #2: Wash your face with a mild cleanser instead of just rinsing with water (as advised on the product sheet.) Oil and dirt on your face can prevent the pack from making complete contact with your skin.

PROTIP #3: I've seen people in YouTube using this above the eyebrows. While I also have quite a few blackheads at the top of my T-zone, I don't think I'll be trying it on there for now.
  1. With the pack still stuck on the clear plastic film, twist the sheet to reveal six slits, three on top and three below. This allows the pack to mold to the contours of your nose.
  2. Wet your nose thoroughly. Water will activate the adhesive.
  3. Dry your hands thoroughly and peel the pack off the film.
  4. Place the pack on your nose. Pat down air holes.
  5. Wait 10-15 minutes then peel off slowly. The pack begins to harden like a shell by the eight-minute mark and I keep tapping on it to make sure it's completely dried up. Don't wait too long or it will hurt like a bitch to take off.
  6. Wash the residue with water. Enjoy silky smooth nose.
PROTIP #4: With the pores cleared up, now would be a good time to rub some benzoyl peroxide (a.k.a. PanOxyl) to delay the reappearance of blackheads and whiteheads.


Ewww. Oooh. Ewww.

98% sebum removed! There will be a few that the pack won't pick up. I just use a comedone extractor (pang-tiris in Filipino) on them. It also picks up a lot of whiteheads that even I haven't noticed on my skin (especially on my cheeks). Bonus: fine hair on the face is also removed. 

I'm pretty sad though about my pack this time. Those whiteheads are so small, I remember when I used to use this and I had no skin care routine at all. Now that's an exciting pack! Also, men. Gross, grimy men who commute and never wash their faces. Nobody in particular, really.

If you're not convinced, do a Google image search.

Lasting Power:

There is a recommended minimum of 3 days between each use. For me, considerable whitehead reappearance occurs at the first week. It peaks after the second week.

I prefer to use it around twice a month, weekly at the most. This is a rare commodity and I wouldn't overuse it!


The only pore pack that honestly works. Unlike with other packs that pick up just the random five to ten whiteheads, this one really picks up something from every pore covered. I remember there was a Nivea strip waaaay back that, based on feedback, is so difficult to use and actually increases whiteheads on your nose!


Definitely! This really works and it's gruesomely entertaining to stare at the finished strip. I'm keeping an eye out for the black pore strip so I can see the pickup better.

Biore Black of an anonymous contributor after a shower and toner. OMG!!!

Beauty by Tellie score:

5/5!!! I LOVE THIS THING!! I've been using it for a while and I'm on my second box. I would recommend it to anyone who has a nose! (Sorry, Lord Voldie) I don't use it regularly but it's a must-have and should be a staple.

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