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Review: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate :) Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Up for review: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate :) Intensive Exfoliating Treatment for all skin types. What a mouthfull!


Free 0.1 fl. oz. sample obtained from Sephora, USA. I have no clue where else to get this. They sell online though, but delivery is for US and Canada only (you even get three free samples of your choice per purchase.)

0.5 fl. oz. tubes start at $19. 0.1 fl. oz. was good for two uses, so this is around Php 800 for ten uses, or Php 80 per session. Still cheaper than your dermatologist. Be warned though, 0.5 fl. oz. converts to about a tablespoon. It's just that, a little bit goes a long way unless you have a really big face.

It was a small sachet

Product Information:

According to the site, it comes in tubes. The exfoliant itself is a dark green, gritty paste with a pleasant, herby smell. I could imagine myself having this treatment in a spa.

How to Use:

PROTIP (from Kate's website): If used in a hot shower, steam will help activate the enzymes.

Wet the face and rub in a circular motion for thirty seconds.

Leave on for up to two minutes.

Rinse with warm water. It's a little soapy as it comes off so make sure you get everything out.

Do not use with: Peelers, I'm guessing. If you're on some sort of dermatological medication maybe you should have your doctor read the ingredients list of this thing first. And I think you should avoid the sun if you're using this.


I was surprised to find that I did look like I just visited the dermatologist. I had a glow that was only mildly pink so it didn't resemble chemical burns at all. It did well on the dry spots on my cheeks. It also did excellently in taking out the little bumps (are those ingrown hairs?) on my chin.

That is, if you can take WORLDS OF PAIN. The moment I patted this down on my cheek I wondered if it was pure acid or something. It really hurt and I even got scared for a bit if that was a normal reaction or the product was expired and eating my cheek off. The label had no warning of a stinging sensation. I tried to tough it out but I only had it on my whole face for about 30 seconds.

Lasting Power:

Recommended use is once or twice a week. Flushing is only temporary because the product increases blood circulation, according to the website. The perfect porcelain smoothness lasted for about four days on me so the recommended use sounds right.


Very effective, unlike other cleansers that just randomly have beads in them but still don't exfoliate at this level.


Maybe not. It just hurts too much and I'm not that desperate to exfoliate. I'll stick to sponges for now.

I would be more open to the ExfoliKate Mild.

Beauty by Tellie score:

4.5/5- It really works, guys! And I did look extra purdy after using it. I just have to take off 0.5 for the pain element. I don't know if I'm just being a wuss about it though, maybe I just got surprised. Checking out reviews online, some people say it isn't so bad and they've gotten used to it by the second time. I just can't bring myself to try this again any time soon. I also don't think I need it. But for anyone who has peeling / exfoliating needs, such as those with flakes, scars or roughness, I fully recommend this :)

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