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Review: Shiseido Benefiance

On the chopping block: Shiseido Benefiance!

My cute samples :) I don't think I can throw them away after using!
L-R: Shiseido Cleansing foam, Balancing Softener and Day Cream


Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam - Free sample from my November BDJ box. 150ml tube at Php 1850. Available at most department stores.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener - Free sample from my November GlamourBox. 150ml bottle at Php 2400. Available at most department stores.

Shiseido Benefiace WrinkleResist24 Day Cream - Free sample from my November BDJ box. 50ml jar at Php 3100. Available at most department stores.

Product Information:

Available in two sub-lines. WrinkleResist24 fights wrinkles and NutriPerfect addresses skin affected by hormonal imbalance. While anti-aging has been a long-time marketing gimmick, this is the first time I've seen a skin care line that addresses hormonal imbalance.

The line is packaged in plain, pinky/pearlescent containers. It's a complete line, with a makeup remover, cleanser, balancer, serum, moisturizer and masks. There are also specialized products like eye creams, lip treatments, hand creams and neck treatments.

How to Use:

Take 1.5 pea-sized bead of foam on your hand. Lather the foam with a little bit of water in your hands first and then rub gently over the whole face.

Use a cotton pad and press on the tip of the bottle of the balancer. Quickly tip the bottle three times on the pad and lightly swipe over the whole face. Skin pH leans a little toward acidic and the alkalinity of most cleansers create an imbalance, which sometimes manifest in abnormally dry or oily skin. The balancer restores a little bit of acidity so that the skin stabilizes faster after soap use :)

Take 1 pea-sized bead of moisturizer on your hand and lightly spread over palms and fingertips. Pat, (don't rub nor drag) the moisturizer all over the face.


While being extra gentle, the moisturizer efficiently takes out even heavy make up (i.e. bb cream.) Without the balancer though, I am left with dry patches on my face, even after moisturizing.

The moisturizer is also good as a day cream. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated, yet takes only about 20 seconds to dry up.

Lasting Power:

I used only the cleanser and moisturizer at first and it was average. I only got perfect skin after using the balancer for about three days. I stopped my routine and my skin began to lose it's glow after about 2 days.


No particular edge but at least I didn't have breakouts, allergies or other irritations.


Probably not. Nothing entirely special about this one. I guess if it works really well for you, you should stick to it. I believe people should switch up skin care lines because your skin adapts to these products and in time, they get less effective. This is at least an option should I have the need to switch it up.

Beauty by Tellie score:

3.25. Not very exciting. Kind of average really. It gets an extra 0.25 because the foaming cleanser feels so great. Next!

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