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Review: Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I had very low expectations about Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes from my November BDJ box because of a bad experience with 70% acetone. Imagine trying to dissolve glitter polish with what I highly suspect is just glorified grape juice- it was purple. After 5 completely soaked cotton rounds, my fingernails already felt like they'd been caught in a door jamb due to furious scrubbing and I STILL had bits of glitter stuck to my nails. To make things worse, the "grape juice" color had leeched badly to my fingertips.

If 70% acetone does such a pathetic job, I couldn't imagine how non-acetone polish remover could even dream of removing even clear nail polish. But I was pleasantly surprised, here's why:

Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Cost: Php 68/35 sheets/case

Product Information: 

Acetone-free polish remover, pre-soaked on cotton rounds. Available in 3 scents: strawberry, grape and orange. Mine is strawberry, and I feel like that was the best I could have gotten. By quick wikipedia research, the main acetone substitute seems to be dimethyl carbonate, an organic solvent. VE and K-15 are listed ingredients but I have no idea what they are.

My gross mani before I cleaned it up.

How to Use:

Wipe away polish with the pre-soaked pads. No mess, no stress!

PROTIP: Let the solution soak onto the nail first by pressing the cotton for a few seconds on your nail. This is the equivalent of chewing your food for better digestion.


Contrary to what I expected, it didn't take a lot of elbow grease to remove the polish. It was actually pretty easy breezy. I just didn't like how thin the cotton was. It felt like I was rubbing the polish off using the pads of my fingers. In hindsight, I maybe should have used 2 sheets at a time, once it bothered me. The scent was pretty sweet and pleasant too, I was reminded of the saccharine-sweet-smelling Face Shop polish removers.

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I used up 5 sheets for my hands and feet, which had neutral polish on them. Normally I get by with 2 using pure acetone, and 4 using the best grape juice I'd settled with. I would have used 4 as well but I needed to take a quick picture and when I came back to my unused round, it had already dried up.


None, I've seen similar products in Daiso with the same performance.


Pure acetone is still the way to go for me. I will buy this when I can't get any of the pure stuff, though. No, I'm not scared that it may be too harsh. Nails are made of protein and are often described as being made up of dead cells. Go crazy.

Beauty by Tellie score:

3. It's undeniably effective but not really all that unique. I could pick up any brand and not care any less. If I get to pass by Daiso again I'll probably do a quick price check and see which one is less expensive.

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