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Subscription Boxes: December Roundup

Hey everyone! I don't know if any of you noticed but I've been sooo ready for all of my different subscription boxes to arrive. Ok for one, it's exciting to open a mystery package but I really wanted to be able to judge all of these brands based on what they delivered to me, and not just my research.

The full-size average is something the brands don't provide. I came up with it so that I can have an index of the affordability of partner brands. If you're still undecided about which box to get, you should choose the one that has an average that matches your budget.

On one hand, I don't want you to get a box and be disappointed because the partner brands are below your usual budget (sorry na.) On the other hand, I also don't want you to get a box that's too aspirational because you might end up falling in love with a sample that you wouldn't feel comfortable buying.

On the third hand (third hand? tripod ka?) you can also disregard the full-size average and just go with whichever brand interests you. Broaden your horizons and explore brands that are not in your comfort zone :P

Even if I already did an Ultimate Guide, some people are still undecided on what box to get. and who can blame them? My ultimate guide was all research. Now that I've gotten to try all boxes, here are my thoughts based on the actual product

My December-January BDJ Box

Php 480/box

Ships out: Last week of the month. Delayed 2-3 weeks for December.

Theme: Beauty for the better. It actually felt more like they had a resolution to provide better boxes, I really felt the difference.

Featured Brands:
Pevonia (US), Etude (Korean), Pantene (Swiss-International), Burberry (British-International), Snoe (Filipino), Flormar (Italian-International), Tony Moly (Korean), Azta (Filipino), Browhaus (Singaporean?)

7 items + 2 bonus items and 4 vouchers = 13 total items
4 skin care, 2 cosmetics, 1 hair, 1 nails, 1 fragrance
4 full-sized items (Pantene Smooth Miracle, Snoe lip balm, Flormar nail enamel and Flormar lipstick)

Full-size average: Php 1056.60. Minimum at Php 99, Flormar Nail Enamel and maximum at Php3898, Burberry Body.

Addon: BDJ Journal, as an apology token.

Final Verdict: Brands are so-so but the quantity is definitely a plus. Product diversity is also improving. Even though they gave a lot of full-sized products, I noticed that these were the most  inexpensive items.


My December Glamourbox

Php 595/box

Ships out: Second week of the month. On time.

Theme: Holiday Glow. i don't know if I'm imagining things but it seems to me that the stuff they gave are really for that extra glow.

Featured Brands:
Obagi (US), Skinfood (Korean), VMV Hypoallergenics (American), Kosmea (Australian), Neutrogena (American-International), Benefit (US) and Issey Miyake (Japanese-International)

7 items + 1 bonus items and 3 vouchers = 11 total items.
5 skin care, 3 cosmetics, 1 fragrance
1 full-sized item (VMV lipstick)

Full-size average: Php 2359.50. Minimum at Php 830, Neutrogena HydroBoost and maximum at Php 5250, Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey.

Final Verdict: The brands are really great and the product categories delivered are really appealing to me. However, this is the most expensive brand.


My December SaladBox

Php 500/box

Ships out: Around the 21st of the month, or third week. A little bit late.

Theme: 'Tis the Season. I did not feel this theme. SaladBox strictly stuck to 4 pieces per box so I'm left with envy because I did not get the caviar polish.

Featured Brands:
Osmo (UK), Alyssa Ashley (US), Carmex (US-International) and Virginia Olsen (Filipino)

4 items and 2 vouchers = 6 total items.
2 cosmetics, 1 hair and 1 perfume
1-full-sized item (Carmex tube)

Full-size average: Php 548.75. Minimum at Php 110, Carmex tube and maximum at Php 960, Musk by Alyssa Ashley.

Final Verdict: Brands are truly unpopular but I like their product distribution. Sadly, the products are really limited. They tried to make it up by bringing in a full-sized product but as you can see above, the Carmex tube is the least expensive one.

Sample Room

My December Sample Room bag! WOWWWW

100 free points to spend, 35-60 points per item

Ships out: Immediately. Got mine in two days.

Featured Brands as of my December purchase:
Celeteque (UNILAB-International), Shiseido(Japanese-International), Kerastase (French-International), Dove (UNILEVER-International), Gluta-C (Filipino), CK (US-International), Ralph (US-International), Benefit (US) and Shu Uemura (Japanese-International).

Depends on availability. Based on their Facebook, it only takes a few minutes 'til their restocks get sold out. Expect hair, skin care, body products, fragrances and cosmetics for now.

Final Verdict:
I hope I won't get in trouble for this, but I'd say Sample Room is only good if you have a tried and tested product that's available in full-size, and way more expensive than about Php100. For sampling, I'd still stick to subscription boxes.

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