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Tellie's Misadventures: Cotton Rounds Edition

Once in a while, I get myself into really dumb situations and I just can't help but laugh at myself about these things. Let me present to you: THE CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY.

Pictured above, on the left: The culprit.

Remember in my November GlamourBox unboxing where I ooh and ahh about them including a pack of cotton rounds for their samples? I wondered why they didn't do it again in December and simply chalked it up to cost-cutting. I thought it was such a shame since the December box had skin care products as well.

So instead of letting it rot, I tried to maximize this pack by using it in place of my regular cotton rounds. My first thought was that it's so cute and tiny, it fits most bottle openings perfectly.

Little did I know, this was a path to deception.

It was kinda solid, though. A little too solid. I was already making mental notes like, it doesn't seem to absorb makeup remover well, oh this seems a little rigid, it doesn't even feel like it's taking off my makeup.

Why is this thing so chunky and tiny? Why doesn't it absorb? Is it even real cotton? Then I notice, it's made up of layers...

Peeling it carefully, I notice that the whole thing is one big sheet. Is that a new way to make cotton now? Sheets instead of fibers?

After careful CSI processing, here is your worst nightmare, come to life.


TANGA. Hahahahaha! So after all that, it's some sort of soaking sheet for facial masks. You can even see the surface above the left eye where I tried to remove my makeup. How the hell was I supposed to know? I got the Shiseido balancer instead of the night emulsion in my November Glamourbox. How was I supposed to make the connection? I'm innocent! Innocent, I say!

Oh to be a graceful and elegant beauty blogger... NOT.

Next up, I'll be sharing my personal project to get the best skin ever :)

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