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The Year in Review: 2012

Gifts I got for Christmas:

A collection of holiday-themed Lush soap bars and a makeup palette!

Lush handmade soap bars

I'm already using one of the Lush bars and will post a review once the first soap is used up.


I haven't touched this mixed palette yet but I am excited to try it out! It's a basic eye-cheek-lip trio and I love that it has brushes and a mirror with it! I'll probably pack this along my next trip as I forgot to pack it last December. Funny, a few days into blogging, I was  thinking how I'd love to get makeup palettes this Christmas, yey!

Thanks to my sister and aku's family!

What I'm most excited about:
  1. Finishing up the crumbs of my MAC StudioFix so I can start using Chanel Vitalumiere!
  2. Getting the rest of my subscription boxes!
  3. Cleaning my brushes, yay! -not. The only good thing about this is that I can turn it into a blog post.

The biggest trend of 2012:

Subscription boxes!

It's also the main reason I started blogging. I do hope the presence of competitors encourages the four brands (GlamourBox, SaladBox, BDJ Box and Sample Room) to make their offers more attractive.

Do check out my comprehensive guide to subscription boxes here.

  1. Maintain a daily skin care schedule. It gets tiring when I keep adding in products, then I just want to stop everything. So far, so good. I cannot wait to be done with my Lipocils review.
  2. Come up with a good blogging schedule! I really want to go daily but I don't think it's feasible for the long term. I've been skipping a few days here and there :-S Right now, my idea is to settle on a weekdays-only schedule.
  3. Review everything! It's hard when I have too many skin care products that have the same function. And I suck at photography so I haven't done makeup reviews either. My resolution is to just go with the flow and improve as I go along :P

Internally debating on my next topic: Kate Somerville exfoliant review or Biore pore strips review.

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