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Vacation Haul: Day 3

Day 3 and my money supply is steadily dwindling. I'm praying I can stretch this out 'til day 5, otherwise I'll have to hole up inside the hotel room or put blinders on so I won't feel bad if I can't buy something I like.

My most expensive, yet most worth-it purchase is care of Miss Coco Chanel. I think I'll frame that bag just so I will remember all of the happy times inside that store with my favorite attendant, Ms. Hecky.

Contents of my Chanel goodie bag

If you saw my Salvaging Your Broken Pressed Powder post, you'd know that my powder's days are numbered. So when my sister went on a search for the perfect foundation, I tagged along. As per our other sister's recommendation, we checked out Chanel, known for it's good foundation products.

Chanel CC Cream

Immediately I am drawn to this CC Cream. I'm guessing it's their version of BB Cream but Hecky uses it as a primer. I swear: get this damn thing because it is like a breath of life from the heavens. It makes you look so smooth and evened out and it corrects all discoloration.

When Hecky first applied it on my sister, I thought the color was way off, not realizing that I had been used to a really red tone on her face. Hecky pointed out that with the CC Cream, my sister's facial skin tone now matches her neck. I'm guessing this will work wonders for my panda problem too! On top of that, I was so mesmerized by how smooth and perfect my sister's cheek suddenly looked. This is a solid 5 for me.

And OMG it smells so nice, I swear I will sleep with this thing next to me. In fact, even the Chanel makeup remover smells heavenly. I think all Chanel makeup smells nice. I'm not sure; I'll have to confeeerm next time. Whenever that will be.

Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat in B20 - Beige Tendre

I got the powder here too. It buffs up just right and covers up nicely even if I don't have the CC Cream on so I'm happy about that. It has a really fine look where I look airbrushed and natural instead of caked on. I don't know what's in it but it goes perfectly on dry skin. Normally, all the flakes get emphasized when I put powder on but this is the first time I got powder to act like a liquid. 

As a bonus, Ms. Hecky gave me testers of the serum and moisturizer from the skin care line designed for dry skin. Once again, these things smell like angels' farts. I love them all!

As it turns out, I wouldn't be able to buy any more makeup 'til the end of my trip. Nonetheless, I'm so happy with everything I got! The only thing I have to look forward to for work tomorrow is that I get to use all my new makeup :P In the meantime, next post is gonna be on my first SaladBox!

My December SaladBox Unboxing!

It's over 1000!!!!