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5000th view!

WOW! I'M ON MY 5000TH VIEW! Two months into blogging and I'm on my second milestone, so happeh :P I'm so thankful to everyone who views this blog. Please copy and paste my 1000th view speech here.

Exactly 5000 views on Feb. 21, 5:45PM. Whohoo!

And now to celebrate I will:
  1. Make a Facebook page!
  2. BUY MY DOMAIN! I am to decide how to do this by tonight. TONIGHT!
  3. Start thinking up of a giveaway to my loyal readers for my 10,000th view! Suggestions are super welcome :D

In the meantime, please watch out for my BDJ Challenge post tonight! TONGIHT! I'll be using all products in the Shiseido-exclusive BDJ Box for seven days and review the whole thing by the end of it :) Here's to hoping I win, lol :P

Here's my favorite .gif so that all of you may know how seriously I am deliberating these life-changing issues.

Please follow me on Twitter, my handle is @BeautybyTellie.

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