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BDJ Box: Shiseido 7-Day Challenge, Day 7

Whooooo! What a whirlwind week it's been. In between my 50th post & 5000th view celebrations, I've been doing the BDJ Box 7-Day challenge and cashing in on expiring coupons by the 28th. Halleloo for me that Bang's Tony and Jackey extended their hair festival promo. That's one less thing to worry about.

With all these things I'm stressing about, weirdly, I thought my last day would be the 28th since I started on the 21st. Good thing I am very handy with numbers (I need a sarcasm font,) so I realized just in time that the 27th is my last night.

Last night is a little different from the usual cleanser-toner-serum-moisturizer routine. I used the Brightening Mask after the toner. Here's what the pack looks like:
Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask 
Instructions at the back.

I love how rich and milky the mask essence is! It was so easy to flatten the mask against my face because it was sooo saturated. I even had extra essence to put on my chin, where the mask couldn't stay on.
The Power Brightening Mask had a really rich essence

The mask fit really great and I think the essence helped a lot in helping it stick to my face. In comparison, the retinol mask lopped off really easily.
Shiseido Retinol Mask fit
Shiseido Brightening Mask fit

After ten minutes, I took the mask off and as always, used the cotton sheet to wipe off excess essence. The packet says to place leftover essence on the face AFTER using the mask but I missed this and already threw away the packet. I THOUGHT about still salvaging the remnants but then hung my head in shame at the thought of how nasty I could be.

The after-experience was not very comfortable. It was really sticky and took at least another ten minutes to dry. I didn't know if I should continue with the remaining steps in my skin care routine since my face was soaked in product, but I did so anyway.

Comparing it with the Retinol mask, I found the Brightening mask to be a better waiting experience. The combination of the smoothly woven cotton sheet and the oversaturation of the milky essence felt sooo luxe. Afterwards is a different story. The Retinol mask was much more comfortable.

Here are my Day 0 and Day 7 comparisons:
Before and after: complexion comparison for Shiseido White Lucent
I never noticed before that I had been starting to show shallow wrinkles, especially near the chin area (lower right, Day 0). I really need to take good care of my skin to avoid this :) My complexion is markedly brighter and looks ultra-smooth in person. Even my freckles, found at the upper right side of the pictures, have a lighter shade. Whereas before it was more brown, it at least yellowed out a little on the Day 7 picture.

Before and after: complexion comparison for Shiseido White Lucent
I wasn't able to capture the exact same lighting, but I think you can see that where my cheeks looked deceptively normal in Day 0, it looks even smoother in Day 7. What seems to be a healthy flush in Day 0 is actually irritated dry skin. In day 7, my faint blush comes from a natural glow.

Before and After: complexion comparison for Shiseido White Lucent
Up close, I had a serious case of dry skin. The serum not only lightened my freckles but also helped to give me deep-moisture, getting rid of the flakes.


I love Shiseido's skin care lines. I know I gave Benefiance a pretty lukewarm review in the past, and I'm thinking of retracting it 'cause that was before I realized how frickin' effective it is! There really is a different quality to my skin whenever I use Shiseido. All the dryness is gone. My skin is a little fairer, and rosier. Even my freckles have lightened from a deep yet faded brown to fainter shade. And it's baby butt cheeks personified!! I'm sure if I keep this up there will be a bigger difference.

I thought I wouldn't benefit from this trial because I already had pretty fair skin. Even so, I still suggest trying out the White Lucent serum and mask to give your face that extra oomph!  I love my current glow!

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