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Brow Bar Presents: Tellie la Fea

Last Tuesday, Jan. 29, I decided to use my Benefit voucher thinking that it was due to expire by Jan. 31 (it was due on June or July.) Two things I didn't like:

Benefit voucher from my December GlamourBox

  1. They didn't inform me that they had an ongoing Php 200 off promo, which can't be availed of in conjunction with the voucher. They took my voucher but the (dis)service would have cost me Php 500 with or without it.
  2. Guess which one I ended up looking like?
I documented the whole thing and I think you can see by my face how steadily it goes from happy camper to sullen cullen.

This is my before shot, all happy and excited for my "professional" brow shaping.

Brow mapping for "expert" results

They did brow mapping which IS TOTALLY USELESS BTW. She went way over my actual brow hairs and didn't even suit the size, shape or position to my face. I tried to stay positive until the end but bitch jacked up my brows. I do not take kindly to eyebrow-jacking given that I would never be able to fix it 'cause I am an eyebrow shaping dumdum.

And is it just me, or is it not even symmetrical?

After. Brows by Brow Bar, Benefit.

"Expert" brow shaping from Brow Bar, Benefit, Shangri-La. Just as I feared. I'm mad and you can't even tell because my eyebrows are distractingly and comically huge.

I just knew it was too good to be true. DO NOT GO THERE until a few months so that they've practiced on other people or until they get their shit together. I saw a Brow Bar service in Hong Kong and lemme just say dude looked so glam after, I almost fell in love with him. Brow Bar has such a good reputation and I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how the hell they could have allowed this to happen in the Philippines.

This is all kinds of wrong. I had to erase a lot on top and in between just to look like a normal person. Fortunately my actual brow shape remains pretty okay. Imagine what this chick could have done to me if I had really thick brows. QUE HORROR. NO, NO, NO, a thousand NOs! 

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