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Brow Haul!

I know, I'm so lame for calling this a haul. BUT. I wasn't exactly shopping around, I knew what I wanted and I just had to get it. Despite being a dead-ringer for Powder, I don't actually do my brows quite often.

My no make up look.

However, last time I went on vacation, I completely forgot my whole toiletry bag! Thank God I still had my everyday makeup in my purse. Feeling insecure about my sparse brows enlarging my already Pangea-sized forehead, I thought to borrow my mom's brow set to disctract from it. It was the best thing that ever happened to my brows! Here's my meager yet look-no-further brow haul totally not copied from my mom:

For the glam-mest brows!!

So before I had my brows done that one fateful day, I actually went over to Laura Mercier first and got this super cool brush I had been whining to my mom about. It's the best! It's so soft and applies the product really well. Plus it's a double ended brush with a handle-like lid to conceal one end!

Laura Mercier double ended eye brow brush

I went ahead and got the Brow Zings form Benefit in medium. I hated my brows but I can't deny that the product was great. And I just loooooove that it has it's own little tweezer and brushes (angled for the tinted gel, rounded for the setting powder.) Eeep!

Benefit Brow Zings - Medium

Combined with the MAC brow set in Boy Girl, this is just like. Wow. I need nothing else. This is Brow Heaven.

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