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My February BDJ Box, featuring Shiseido!

Fresh off Valentine's celebration, I get not one, but two subscription boxes! Last Saturday I got both my BDJ box and GlamourBox. The joy! But let's take it one box at a time shall we? And since it's the BDJ box that almost gave me a heart attack because of it's ultimate sickness, coolness and overall general awesomeness, let me go with that first.

I got the package at the office again. I couldn't open it right then and there because it was almost my off so I just rushed home instead. I couldn't walk faster because I felt that my box had a little extra something something. AND OMG I JUST LOVE BDJ! Last month, they gave an apology token in the form of a journal for the delayed December box. This month, they got us this ole thang for "all the love" we give. It's for subscribing to the three month plan :P I LOVE YOU TOO GUYS!!!
Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Wow. Why are you guys so great?! I love it. I'm running out of facial cleansers to try and I've never tried cleansing oils before. This should be a marvelously fantabulous new experience. I love Celeteque for introducing the importance of serums to me.

It turns out the red Shiseido branding is just a sleeve and the trusty ole BDJ box is still inside. I wonder how Shiseido bought out the Feb box though. I'm thinking this was a really lucrative deal on both sides and I'm just crossing my fingers that other brands do this too. Why? Because this box, while not curated, consists of a lot of huge samples!!! Ok at first I thought they were full-sized products but I checked the site and  found that the toner is 150ml, not just 25ml, and the night emulsion is 75ml, not 15ml.

The Shiseido sleeve
Same ole box
Full size galore!
The gift!

I'm freaking out over here!

Here's my usual box shot:
The February Shiseido exclusive from BDJ box

I love, love, love it!

Here's what I'm most excited about:

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener
I've already gotten to try this toner and while I was pretty lukewarm about my first toner, I've actually come to love it! I've already had my hand at two other toners (watch out for the review,) yet it all comes back to this. I just can't believe I was blind to how great this toner actually is!

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion
I'm pretty stoked about the night emulsion too. I do skin care only at night and the last moisturizer I got from Shiseido was a day cream. I can't wait to see what the difference in formulation will be.

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive spot targeting serum
This month's box is a combination of two Shiseido lines: Benefiance and White Lucent. While I'm not generally into whitening products, Shiseido is a pretty solid brand and I'd love to see what this intense serum can do for my super dry skin.

Shiseido White Lucent power brightening mask
I'm also loving this mask. I tried the Missha red ginseng mask the other night and I love how super soft and smooth it left my skin! Apparently, masks go after toner and before serums so I just can't wait 'til this whole Shiseido line is up for review. I'd love to see how my skin is after using skin care products all from one brand.

Nippon five-minute touch up kit
This is so cute! Now I don't have to go sneaking up on makeup counters to get disposable applicators. There's eyeliner brushes, mascara brushes, lip gloss wands, lip brushes, eyeshadow brushes and cosmetic sponges.

Other stuff in here:

cotton masks
So they've made cotton masks fool-proof. I'm totally sure it's because of my stupidity. I thought the cardboard had a sachet inside but there wasn't any. I don't know why I got this, I don't have any packets of the retinol face mask.

UPDATE: Apparently, these are not plain cotton masks. They are infused with retinol technology and you need to just soak it in toner to activate it. You can choose not to wipe the residue off and it serves as a great makeup base :) This statement comes from darlyn, a commenter below, who I assume is with the BDJ team. These instructions might have been in that cardboard label but I didn't open it yet. Hope that clarifies it for anyone else who got these masks!

Shiseido vouchers
I'm not really enthusiastic about these as I never get the chance to use vouchers, except for that one failed Benefit episode. Plus, there's a a minimum of at least Php2000 purchase and that just makes it harder to use them.


This box wins everything! It was just such a bombastic experience opening it up and seeing all those huge samples. They even changed the confetti to this more soshal, texturized, silver confetti. While Shiseido Benefiance has been sampled out before, I'm glad that they made sure not to send out repeat products. I got the day cream from them last time and I got the toner from my November GlamourBox, which I totally don't mind having again!

I'm hoping other brands buy out succeeding boxes, especially when they have new lines coming out. I think it's better to review the whole line as opposed to just pieces of it, right?

Stay tuned! Next up is my gorgeous February GlamourBox!

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