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My February GlamourBox Unboxing!

I didn't know I got my GlamourBox last Saturday! As far as I know, I got my BDJ box and that was the same one waiting for me on my bed. I realized something was wrong when I grabbed it: where did the gift go? Was I imagining things? I realized I was actually holding the GlamourBox while I had the BDJ box in my purse!! So now I have two boxes, whohoo!

Is it just me or did they go red for love month?

Here's the usual box shot:
My February GlamourBox

You may see a lot of confetti, a.k.a. empty space but I am sincerely baffled by the amount of full-sized products GlamourBox is able to give. That's frickin' 3 out of 5 and a great deal, if you ask me. Theme of the month is Romantic Beauty. All the items sent out on love month are meant to let your inner beauty shine. I think it's a great message and I love how GlamourBox's collection of items always make sense when put together :)

What I'm excited about:

Kji and Co Emergency Lash Rx
Another lash enhancer? I've just reviewed Talika Lipocils (it's miraculous, btw!) and I'm lined up for the Sophia eyelash enhancer from my SaladBox any time soon. I'm just waiting a bit to make sure that the Lipocils is no longer affecting my lash growth. Now, I have one from Kji&Co and I'm pretty excited to do a comparative test of all three!

Carmex Jar
I've been using the Classic Carmex tube for about two weeks now. I'll be ready to do a review in a few days and getting this full-sized jar is pretty neat. I never want to run out of dependable lip balms and Carmex is high up in that list.

Wild Peach Cosmetics customizable makeup palette
Wowowow! This customizable palette is sooo coool! You just peel off the white backing and stick it to the bottom of the case. The metallic sticker pad will then support all your uncased cosmetics. Not only will you save space, but you also save up when buying new makeup because you can just get the refill versions!

Snoe Oil for All Argan oil
I am skeptical about all fad items. Since they're not yet regulated, how would I know if I'm just being sold some baby oil with one drop of Argan oil? Nonetheless, I've never used Argan oil and I'm really curious as to what all the hype is all about. I also love how Snoe used a regular amber bottle for this sample yet never lost their quirky-classy look.

Other stuff in here:

Calvin Klein Beauty
No. Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, I already got this from my November BDJ box.

Cuzo leather card sleeve
Whoops, I almost forgot about this one! I wasn't able to include it in my box shot. Anyway, it's a bonus item and there's a discount code for the Cuzo online shop. This is a pretty big giveaway. Too bad I'm not that interested in it :(


I super duper love the cosmetics case! While I love how many full-sized items are in here, I can't help but be a little underwhelmed. I guess I've gotten a little spoiled with all the quantity wars going on with the subscription boxes, and how they're all trying to one-up the other.

Regardless, I'd still say this is another solid box from the GlamourBox team with a really sensible theme and with all pieces relating well to that theme.

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And OMG I feel so out of it. This is my 50th post and I didn't even realize :( I have nothing extra special prepared. The only special thing about it is that this comes a day early of my every-other-day schedule :( Oh well.

5000th view!

My February BDJ Box, featuring Shiseido!