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Review: Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener

Here's what I got along with my Celeteque serum via SampleRoom.

Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener

Cost: Php 299 for 15ml. Full-size sample worth 35 points from SampleRoom.

Product Information:
It's a white cream inside a tube with an elongated tip for easier application near the eye area. The narrow opening also lets you easily control the little amount of cream you want to apply.

How to Use:
Because the skin around the eye area is so thin, the product is easily absorbed and "spreads" quite far from the original point of application. I've noticed that when I used too much or applied it too close to my eyes, my eyes would feel a little heavy. It's not irritating at all but you'll feel it when you use too much.

So I apply a very thin line about 1.5in long and 3/4cm under my lower lash line. I carefully dab that all over my eye bags, crows feet and eyelids using my finger tips. Don't ever drag products over your face, especially over your eyes as the pulling motion can exacerbate wrinkles.
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My eyebags are super dark but not really very puffy. I've noticed no significant improvement to the dark circles and I have no judgment for it's eye-tuck claims.

The texture is really easy to work with. It's liquid enough to be easily spread without using too much friction yet not too liquid for it to get inside your eyes. It's also scent-free which is a plus as the eyes are very sensitive and eye products should be as "plain" as possible.

The best aspect of this cream is moisture, which is top notch. My eye bag concealer used to be very obvious no matter how finely I tried to apply it. It looked very cakey and didn't really last very long on my skin. The creases on my eye bags were also obvious as the concealer would find it's way inside it during the day. Now my concealer applies very naturally and I can use less. It also looks finer on me even without any form of primer- a sign of well moisturized skin.

Excellent moisture, very sensible container and does not irritate at all!

Lasting Power:
I don't know if my eyes are really just that dry, but after one day of not using it, my eye bags are already back to their dry selves. Using it once daily is just enough to maintain good skin around the eyes, but I think twice would be better. Or maybe that's just me..

Yes! I'm slowly loving Celeteque! It's proving to be a very reliable brand.

Beauty by Tellie score:
5/5! I have no complaints about this one. I really love that it removes the necessity of a base. Anything that can simplify your routine is a must-have.

Though it didn't help with the dark circles, I don't mind 'cause I know my eye bags are a lost cause. I think there's actual medicine for it but I can never remember the name.


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