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Review: Celeteque DermoScience Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum

Celeteque has this really elderly and "medicinal" reputation- it is made by Unilab. Either way, I'm so glad I joined Sample Room 'cause otherwise I wouldn't have given this product a second look. I wasn't even that interested in it but I wanted to, of course, make the most of my hundred points.

Celeteque DermoScience+ Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum

Php 899 for 30ml. I got it for 60 points via Sample Room.

Product Information:
It is a clear thick liquid but not quite a gel. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a bent dropper that allows you to "cut" the serum on your palm, in case you don't need one whole dropper's worth of product.

How to Use:
At first, when my skin was still really dry, I had to use a 1.5 pea-sized dollop. Now that my skin is somewhat normal, I've scaled back to 1. Spread quickly all over the hands and pat gently on the face, after toner and before moisturizer.

I used it from January 20 to February 15, or a little less than a month.

I've tried the heaviest moisturizers (Nivea creme in tin jar) and the lightest ones (Dove Face care cream) and I've never been really satisfied with any of them. It's not that these moisturizers were lacking; I felt my face getting hydrated for sure. But somehow, it just doesn't stay. I'd already see flakes or patches of dry skin by the following morning. This serum has been a more permanent remedy. I've been using this product for around a month and my eyes have been opened to the importance of serums.

Even though it's really thick, the product is absorbed really quickly by my skin. This is a huge plus 'cause moisturizer is meant to be applied after the serum. With this one, you don't have to wait long before the next step in your facial care routine. The only slight downside is that it leaves a lot of sticky residue on my hands.

I can't really say anything about it being Restorative or Ultra-Lifting because I don't have  mature skin issues yet. However, I'm not entirely opposed to sticking with this because prevention does go a long way.

Drying time is noteworthy but I don't know if a lot of other serums also dry up quickly. I haven't tried enough serums to know for certain.

Lasting Power:
I've had days where I've been too tired to do my full skin care routine. Even with one day of not using it, my skin remains pretty much the same. Patches of dry skin reappear after three days, though I'm not sure if I needed a serum or a toner for that.

Yes! Hydration is good and the scent is very discreet. It's also really effective in doing what serums are supposed to do :)

Beauty by Tellie  score:
5. It's perfect! I would say it's already in the league of Trusted by Tellie but since it's my first serum, I still have to be open to try other brands too.

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