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Review: Snoe Beso Balm

Snoe started in 2010 but it was pretty new to me when a friend insisted I check it out a few weeks ago. I love that all their products are all cutesy-tootsy with tons of "flavors!" And it's based here, so Pinoy Pride! :)

Snoe's Beso Balm

Php 149. Free full-size sample from my Dec-Jan BDJ Box.

Product Information:
It comes in a regular ole twist bottom lip balm tube. Think, ChapStick. There are no flavor variants.

Aside from the usual hydration claims, extra claims include lip plumping and breath freshening. The main man here, would be Menthol. I think they got a little too trigger happy with the breath freshening claims though, 'cause I don't think the scent of your lips has that much of an effect on your breath.

How to Use:
Glide on as frequently as desired.

The texture is awesome. It's not too waxy (solid) nor too oily (liquid.) Overly waxy balms are a little bit of a hassle to apply and feel thick on the lips. Oily balms are conversely, gross and tend to catch wisps of hair within a three-inch radius. This one hits the perfect balance. It leaves your lips feeling moist and I've had no problem with peeling skin using this one.

The problem with mint or menthol lip balms is that the cooling effect doesn't really last very long. This one lasts for about 15-20 minutes. My lips didn't significantly plump, but that's actually a plus for me.

I'm glad that it doesn't melt into it's own container, as ChapSticks are wont to do. However, the weather's been pretty chill lately so I'll have to wait and see how it does during the summer. I hate the mess of melty balms!

The product leaves a mild sheen, so it can be worn by men who are in serious need of hydration but want a discreet product.

The texture is pretty compelling. Otherwise its just your regular ole mint balm.

Lasting Power:
15-20 minutes of minty goodness.

Not really.

Beauty by Tellie score:
3. It's very ordinary as a lip balm, being compact, mint and discreet. But I will give props to the satisfactory texture. An extra 0.25 for you, Snoe Beso Balm!

New BBT score: 3.25!!!

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