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SCOUTED! The Face Shop Smart Digital BB Cream and FACE It Circle Face Brush

Hey chickas! What's up?! So last Saturday, I was off in SM Megamall. It may or may not have anything to do with my 50th post / 5000th view celebration, who knows but me? And being the dutiful beauty blogger that I am, I checked my usual makeup haunts.

I was stuck for a bit in The Face Shop (or is THEFACESHOP?) I haven't been there in a while and there's a lot of cool new stuff! In particular, I was drawn to this thingamabob:

The Face Shop Smart Digital BB Cream
The Face Shop Smart Digital BB cream, Php 2495 - It comes in two shades. Where are the good ole' days when bb cream was so good that it came in just one universal shade?  I only saw the #1 - Light Beige sample, #2 - Natural was nowhere to be found. I swatched the bb cream on me and it alone, was greeeeat- very light and very blendable. I guess two shades ain't that bad.

And before I go further, lemme just say, I am off the bandwagon of bloggers calling this thing a "vibrator." Hello?! I'll just say "vibrating applicator," okay? I tried it too and it worked pretty well. I think it'll be quicker in application than my teensy tiny Shiseido foundation brush. Speaking of...

The Face Shop FACE It Circle Face Brush

The Face Shop FACE It Circle Face Brush, Php 595 - Remember in my Vacation Haul where I ooh and ahh about Shiseido's Perfect Foundation Brush? I was GOBSMACKED when I saw this! It's about the same size, shape and the fibers seem to be as dense. I can't tell for sure how good this imitation is but wow- it's a pretty good one. I was already rushing out when I saw it so I wasn't able to see how well it applies foundation. Tempted to buy it just for comparison's sake.

Post #49! Now why would a cosmetics brand remind me of these guys?
Don't hurt yourself thinking, you'll find out tomorrow!

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