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Valentine's Week: The Date

Nails, check!

I was supposed to do a separate post about my hair as well but I didn't want to post anything more in advance because my boyfriend reads my blog! I just had to keep my hair, dress and face a mystery to further surprise him.

Now that it's over, here's what went down on my Valentine's:

Here's my early Valentine's Day present, Furbina :P She loves sleeping. Sometimes she sleeps in the middle of eating or music time :)

My bouquet with Ecuadorian Roses
He got me another gift for actual V Day 'cause he didn't want me to feel left out. Aww <3

Our lovely dinner date
Picture before leaving the restaurant
And here we are at the end of our lovely dinner date. I'm so glad that we "accidentally" matched. He assumed I would be wearing this black and white dress he gave me last Christmas but I lied to him and said that I hadn't gotten it back from the alterers. Obviously, I wore the altered dress anyway and here we are :)

I wore my hair in a huge side bun to suit my sleeveless dress and our al fresco reservation. I would've worn romantic curls but I knew the humidity and wind would give me a Helena Bonham-Carter vibe. Thankfully, it was chill but not very windy, so my hair didn't get tested by the elements.

I put on my favorite combo, the NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Red Square and the sheer lipstick in Manhunt. I had no problems wearing this to dinner as the combination is really durable. In fact, I only had to reapply very little after the dinner and I wasn't even trying to be careful with my lips while eating. I love it's bright, slightly orange tone and I think it went well with my black and white dress.

For my eyes not to get too washed out by the bright lip, I carefully filled my brows and did a bold eyeliner. I would have put on some discreet eyeshadow as well but he fetched me early and I didn't want to keep him waiting for long. I always use eyeliner so I can put it on pretty fast whereas I really need time with eye shadow.

For my accessories, I wore a dangling pearl earring with a metal tassel and my favorite K necklace. I also have a cuff, but I think it's on my left hand, hidden in both photos. My shoes are flat, strappy white ones because I have no good heels. Sue me.

And that's a wrap! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else :) Do follow me on twitter and please hit me up with tweets. I haven't added my real life friends 'cause I'm afraid I might annoy them HAHA. Do give me suggestions for my upcoming 5000th pageview too!

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