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Valentine's Week: My V-Day Mani

So everyone feels like Valentine's should be all pink and frilly and girly. Well, no. I'm doing my nails for V-Day using this super cool blue green polish my bf got me. I like unique polishes and this is one of my favorites:

Absolute magnetic nail enamel in Bleu

I think this is more meaningful than just going with any cutesy pink or nude color. I love this polish because it magnetizes pretty easily and the design comes up really solidly.

I had to re-do probably like 20 times :( The easiest way, as I found out by the last few nails, is to do one base coat so you can take your time and cover the whole nail. Then, you can quickly swipe a thick second coat for magnetizing :) It has to be thick for two reasons:
  1. A thin coat will develop holes after magnetizing. Once you put the magnet on, the metal bits will clump together and if there's not enough polish, the movement can leave holes.
  2. A thin coat dries fast. If the polish is drying up by the time you place the magnet, the polish won't move and you won't get the design. Even if your coat does move a bit, the design will be very faint.

Other brands of magnetic polishes are available in Etude and Watsons.
PROTIP: There are a few "defective" bottles, either through the magnet or through the polish. Test it before buying by placing the magnet against the glass bottle. If both the magnet and the polish work, you should see the dark metal bits forming the pattern from inside the bottle.

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