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BDJ Box Giveaway: Get the February Shiseido Exclusive!

If you regularly check my blog, you would have seen in my Beauty Soiree post that I won a February BDJ box. I just kept entering all the promos (philosophy of Mara Mina) and hey, I won something!

SQUEE I cannot get over this. Thank you BDJ!

And it's not juuuust anything. It's the much-raved about February BDJ Box, the Shiseido exclusive! One of the contests BDJ held recently was to raffle off a February box amongst all the reviewers in their site. I just reviewed everything I've used since I got my hands on the November box and tafuckingdaaaaah!

I thought long and hard what to do with this box. There were really only two things I could do with it.

To giveaway:
  1. I received the exact same box I got last February. I would definitely have kept it if I got cosmetics, no questions asked.
  2. I could do a giveaway to boost site traffic - but I'm not really keen on "buying" readers and I don't want to be known as a giveaway blog. I just recently did a giveaway too, for my 50th post / 5000th view.
  3. I don't really have a reason to do a giveaway - a holy week giveaway is just too bizarre. It's not really a summer giveaway either since the products aren't sun-themed.
I could wait for a reason to do a giveaway but I didn't want the products to go all Judge Doom on me.

Or not to giveaway:
  1. I could be greedy because I am in love with the Shiseido softener - but I'm actually living off of samples right now and I don't even know when I can get back to my Shiseido set as I'm rotating and adding new samples.
  2. I could give it to a friend - but nobody has actually expressed a particular interest in this box.

So what did I decide? Well read the title, man! I already said giveaway.. No takebacks! :P Yes, yes, I know. I'm so full of generosityliciousness ehem,ehem. Well seriously, I had so much fun with the box and I just wanted to pay it forward. I hope BDJ doesn't get mad at me for giving off my prize!

Extra BDJ Box :P

Here are the mechanics:
  1. Just do what the widget says, I'll be moderating the entries so make sure you let it load properly and read the instructions carefully :)
  2. I didn't like how I encouraged everyone to be so spammy last time. It felt so needy :/ So aside from Twitter (which is basically a spamboard) all entries are done only once.
  3. Open to residents of the Philippines only!
  4. This contest lasts only a week, until 12MN next Thursday, March 28.
  5. Disclosure: I took the curation card 'cause I didn't get sent one for my box and I keep all those as souvenirs. I promise I didn't take anything else, barely even touched the contents. I just removed the sticker with my name and contact info on the bottom of the box, that's it. Chess-club-honor (I wasn't a girl scout, okaaaaay?)

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