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My March BDJ Box, featuring L'Oreal!

Hey everyone! Two days ago, I got a little something in the mail. I wondered if it was an anvil from ACME 'cause DAMN was it heavy! But I'm not that dumb. With the FB announcements and clues, I knew it was, finally, my March BDJ box!!!


I do hereby concur, subscribing to BDJ should come with some form of health insurance 'cause I do solemnly swear I'm having another heart attack. THIS BOX IS WILD!!

Just like last time, there's a sleeve of this month's partner brand. It's still the same box inside. BDJ has been posting clues all over FB but I couldn't remember which brand had a tag line of "Because you're worth it." I didn't bother searching for it as I prefer being swept off my feet when the box arrives.

This one was tough to unbox. Their samples are so bulky and heavy and I'm not complaining so I'm just gonna shut up. The lip gloss on top = automatic SQUEE! I can just cry. No, seriously! This is so beautiful I feel like I'm partaking in some kind of divine miracle...

Please stop spoiling me, BDJ. I don't know how I'll survive after this.

Here's my usual box shot:
The March L'Oreal exclusive from BDJ Box
On to the items!

Here's what I'm most excited about:

L'Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence
Based on the curation card, this seems to be a serum. While I'm pretty much sold on Celeteque I'm actually stoked to try this :)

L'Oreal UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector in Apricot for Even Complexion
Tinted sunscreen! I've never tried tinted sunscreen before. I do have this theory that it's the ancestor of the bb cream, hehe. Both are liquid and multi-purpose, but of course bb cream is already miles away from tinted sunscreen.

It's SPF 50 so I'm a little scared that it will get cloggy but I'll just have to see for when I try it. No, I did not swatch nor open it yet. I just don't wanna touch my baby yet. Am I weird? I know other people feel the same way!

L'Oreal UV Perfect BB Max

YEY bb cream! I love bb creams :) While I normally trust only Asian bb creams, I'm still curious  as to what L'Oreal came up with.

L'Oreal Shine Caresse in 603 Milady
L'Oreal Shine Caresse in 603 Milady

First of all, nakakabobo buksan 'to. Or is it just me? Hahaha. Anyway I've included a picture of the wand, because I suuuper love it. I'd propose to it if I could. I've been seeing these leaf-shaped wands from Promise Phan's YouTube tutorials for about a year now but I don't see much of it in the Philippines. I lovelovelove these wands because there's a fat area to quickly cover your pout but there's also a pointy area to keep things neat at the corners of your mouth. 

L'Oreal Color Riche Les Nail Art in 006 Python

How hot is this?! I didn't even know L'Oreal had nail art stickers! I told Pat in my giveaway post that I'd do a nail post soon but I just went to have my nails done plainly, so I'm not ruining that. I can't wait to try this out :)

Other stuff in here:

L'Oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo

L'Oreal is drying for most but it's really kind to my hair. I also appreciate that they taped up the lid so it's mess-free over here :) I've tried the volumizing variant but I don't think I have a hair-fall problem so I'm 50-50 about this.

L'Oreal Fall Repair Hair Conditioner

It comes with the matching conditioner. IT COMES WITH THE MATCHING CONDITIONER!!!

Now I'm also taking pics of the curation card, just for more info. What kind of subscription box queen am I if my posts lack information? Teehee.

March BDJ-L'Oreal box: the front
March BDJ-L'Oreal box: page 1
March BDJ-L'Oreal box: page 2


I sang praises for BDJ last month for their super-clever and totally bombastic Shiseido box. I thought that would be a one-time Valentine's month deal but HERE THEY ARE AGAIN. Even though they did it before with Shiseido, there's still a tremendous WOW impact upon opening this box. The black and hot pink theme is so striking! Not only that, there are 5 out of 7 full-sized items. OMG kill me now!!!

Honesty time: I was a little wary upon seeing the L'Oreal sleeve. I was super stoked to see another exclusive but pretty bummed that it was L'Oreal. L'Oreal is such a huge and popular brand that I don't know what new thing they could give me. I was having Garnier-esque panic attacks.

Reviewing the contents, I thought to myself: L'Oreal may be a drugstore brand but it's not a cheap brand and a lot of its products are really dependable. They also keep rolling out new items so the samples in this box aren't your usual L'Oreal staples. I'm additionally happy that there's such a wide variety of items here, from hair, makeup, skin care to nails! All of it was a surprise and that's ultimately the joy with subscription boxes.

Seeing how they are now and comparing them to when they first started makes me feel really proud. BDJ just keeps getting stronger and stronger and I'm so satisfied with my subscription. 

On a sidenote: my pictures are different because THE PUPPIES PEED IN MY LIGHTBOX. I would totally yell and hit at them, but they're too cute for that.

My favorite puppy, Molly. She sometimes moonlights as my secretary. Don't tell the others I have a favorite.

So instead, here's a bonus shot of my Youth Code being all touristy near the Eiffel Tower:

Bon jour! I am loving it in Paris :) xoxo, YCode

If you think these shots are better than the white ones please give me a shout out!

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