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My March GlamourBox Unboxing!

Am I really just blind? Why do packages keep coming without me knowing? Apparently this has been sitting at home since Monday, and I only found out yesterday. So that's why I've been getting keyword searches for the March GlamourBox- I thought people were just atat!

Here's what I got, in a glance:

My March GlamourBox
Theme of the month: All About Us a.k.a. Women's Month

Confession time: I'm totally getting spoiled by all the full-size stuff I've been getting from the different subscription boxes. I guess they realize that it sells their respective brands. The downside: I find myself wanting for everything to be full or even medium size!

Still, this is the truetruetrue form of a subscription box. I can't really find it in my heart to dislike the box because there are sooo many amazing things in here. Up to now, I still have this dreamy reaction upon opening the box, kind of like when I spot my crush and he looks at me a second longer than he would look at you. (Ganda ko e.) BUUUUT I'm getting ahead of myself and off-track at the same time. So read on to find out what I think of the March GlamourBox :)

What I'm excited about:

Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil in black, 1.2g / Php 960, 1.2g
I've tried the Eye of Horus mascara from my November BDJ box and it's sooo beautiful. Now I have the eye pencil and I find it super cute! I can't wait to try it especially with it's foam smudge tip. This pencil is specifically designed to be an all-in-one smokey eyes product and I have to see how well it lines and shades :)

Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, 5ml / Php 2950, 150ml 
I had a bad experience with the Phyto-Gel Cleanser from my December-January BDJ box but I do still trust the brand and I've been waiting for a sample to redeem Team Pevonia.

Heynature BB Creams in (clockwise from top left: Black Diamond/Moist Tightening, Silver Crystal/Aqua Blas, Pearl Label/Brightening, Brown Jade/Most Moisture) ~2g each / Php 1300, 40g
I love BB creams! And I'm so interested to see how the different variants will perform. I wonder if it's a shade thing or it's a skin type thing..

Heynature Aqua Brightening Gel, ~2g / Php 1750, 80g
I'm usually pretty lukewarm about lotions and skin care products but the description in the curation card says "this moisturizing gel transforms into pearl-like water droplets..." Sounds like a crazy science experiment, I'm in!

Other stuff in here:

Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione Whitening Renewal Hand & Body Lotion / Php 350, 250ml
Avon + whitening lotion = snoozefest. There's two of it and it's both full-size but that's not enough to get me interested.

Yves SaintLaurent Saharienne, 1.5ml / Php 4300, 75ml
It smells a little masculine. I don't know why but it really reminds me of how my cousins' cars smell like.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1, ~1.5ml / Php 4300, 100ml 
This one smells a bit like fruity gum. Think: Ouch! or Bubble Tape. It's kinda yummy actually, and I'd think of wearing it. But noooo, it's still a perfume sample. I'm not gonna betray the I-hate-perfume-samples cause! And no, your "Get a free gift when you purchase our brand of perfume" sleeves aren't affecting me!

T: SureSlim Weightloss Program Php 2000 off
B: Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray 10% off
I don't want to subscribe to weight loss programs and I'm loyal to Beabi and Muji for containers... So, no.


The curation card

I love the freshness of the brands. Aside from Avon and the perfume, I've never heard of the others. Eye of Horus doesn't count because I just learned about it from GlamourBox as well. I particularly love the huge variety of choices in the Heynature BB cream samples. If I had to give a score, I'd give this month's box a really solid 4/5.

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