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Public Service Announcement: SaladBox's Free Samples Promo is a Joke!

Sometimes I have this attitude of passing up free things even if they are free. Some people are just passive and we are okay with letting things slip by 'cause we don't want to hope and we don't want to take action. OMG that totally sounds like the battle cry of a lovesick martyr but I swear, I'm not lol.

This PSA is brought to you by my rage at the horribly-executed (at the least) or deceiving (at the most) SaladBox promo. How I wish this was one of those things that I just ignored...

Oh the deception!

Rant begins here: SaladBox is apparently on a bid to be the most annoying subscription service in the Philippines. I can forgive them for giving out crappy samples while sticking to their product minimum. I'm looking at you, Missha Oil Control film from the January box and you, never-ending parade of Carmex lip balms (see December box and February box of Dawn). On top of that, I haven't quite forgiven them over making me miss the February box due to a mishandled PayPal transaction but now, this is just TRASH. PWEH!

I saw the material for this promo last Sunday and at first I thought, FREE SAMPLES?! Yay, Salad Box is finally trying to make up for being a major funsucker! I didn't immediately buy anything 'cause I was so tired that night. Then when I check back today...

"IMPORTANT: Only one item (or combination) can be bought at a time. We will disregard orders with two or more items/combinations."

I got this "important" bit in the email yesterday, too. So a whole day had thus passed with me not knowing. I'm guessing they didn't have that bit posted in the original ad I saw on Sunday but oh bummer, I don't have a screenie.

While I was depressed about the red Jordana matte lipstick being immediately sold out, I still really wanted to try the Sakura lotion combo. BUT HOLD IT. As I am about to check out, I am confronted with this:

A flat rate of Php 100.

For each "free" sample? I think not. DON'T CALL IT FREE IF IT'S NOT FREE. I get that we are not paying for the product and are just paying for shipping/overhead, but this is just ultimate shadiness. I actually assumed they would send it for free, or somehow pack it in my next box. But nope, it's your classic 1-2-3 of a too good to be true deal.

And you know what, if they have enough to give away after "spring cleaning" why not just give more samples for the next few boxes? At the very least, hold contests to build goodwill with your crappy brand. A lot of people entered the Dream Box contest, just keep doing that.

I don't really know, I can't assume that they have leftovers simply because of the product limit. But selling back excess samples as a way to dispose of them? That is just the top of the sleaze pile. I feel like they're trying to double-profit off of existing subscribers. 'Cause these samples were supposed to go to us, right? We subscribed to it. But nope, they're selling it back instead.

I probably wouldn't give a shit if the flat rate was made an obvious disclaimer. And I don't care if each item or combo they've put up is worth more than Php 100. This is all still so very wrong.

I don't like putting brands on the spot but SaladBox is just getting ridiculous! Keepin' it real. Rant over.

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