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Review: SkinFood Gold Caviar Emulsion and Toner

I like keeping my routines simple. I also don't automatically go for the most expensive thing if there's a cheaper alternative. What's nice about sampling subscriptions is that you're forced to try products you normally wouldn't, 'cause it's prepaid and you just have to get your money's worth.

Such is the case with SkinFood. I wouldn't go anywhere near this brand under normal circumstances! It just reeks overpriced (because of the cute packaging) and not-effective (because why would you have to rely on cute packaging? As they say, if the form is too good, then it's overcompensating for the substance.) But I could be wrong, right? Wrong?

SkinFood Gold Caviar Emulsion and Toner

This is starting out on a negative note and believe me, it's not gonna get any brighter.

Free sample from my December GlamourBox. Full-size both at 145ml, Php 2350 each. SkinFood Philippines is available in too many places. But before you buy, please check out this blog post I found while looking for SF's site. For the lazy ones, SkinFood Philippines apparently hikes up their prices to the extreme and this exact toner and emulsion is worth roughly Php 400 in Korea.

Product Information:
Both products are infused with Russian caviar and pure gold. The Russian caviar supposedly counters wrinkles and the gold softens the skin. My marketing bullshit detector is going wild. I don't really believe that these luxury ingredients do anything more for your skin other than justify the hefty price tag on these formulae.

The toner is a liqui-gel type with suspended gold flakes and the emulsion is a very watery lotion. While healthily dosed with gold specks, I suspected the toner wouldn't dispense the gold as they would more likely stick to the edges of the container. 

How to Use:
Cleanser-Toner-Serum-Emulsion. Check my ultimate guide for a detailed walkthrough.

I used this set for 26 days.

Toner: While it did lessen dryness on my skin, dry patches remain and would not go away. The gel like texture meant that it was a little harder to spread so I wound up using more, and I hate using too much of a product. Not only does that imply that it's not effective, but it also makes you think that you're being cheated. Clearly, there's a lot of product on your hands that doesn't do the job ergo, it's diluted.

Also, I was right with my suspicion: the gold flakes barely came through. I don't think it's some deliberate unfair practice though. The consistency of the toner doesn't allow it. Though I used a lot (think: a thick layer over one fourth of a cotton round,) I usually got 0-3 specks.

Moisturizer: It didn't provide deep-moisture and even though it was very watery, it didn't dry up on my face that fast. I'm not sure but maybe a person with oily skin would have loved this 'cause on the upside, it was really non-greasy.

Cute packaging and "luxury" marketing. Gold and caviar, really?

Lasting Power:
Moisturizing effect barely lasts one day. Toning power is only about 60% effective.


Beauty by Tellie score:
1/5 for the set. Virtually useless AND "are you shitting me?!" price tag. I'm glad I saw Liz Buenaventura's post so now I get why this is so preposterous. (BBT: Man, SkinFood is even making me talk expensive.) I'm now just interested in extracting and selling the gold. 

I therefore conclude that you cannot fool me with high prices. I don't associate that with quality especially if I can prove otherwise. I haven't written off the brand yet but you can be sure I'm not buying this locally if ever I do decide to try another line. Next!

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