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SCOUTED: Hair Chalk from

GUYS! I'm so excited to share this find. This is the first SCOUTED I bought before actually doing a post on it.

I was randomly emailed by and I don't even know how they got my email but I decided to check it out nonetheless. They're pretty new and I think I even got to see the first few deals. I love their shop 'cause it's filled to the brim with tons of cute and offbeat knick knacks, think: Tickles.

The one that really struck me was this 12pc set of washable hair chalk (Php 450,) which arrived earlier this week. I thought it was just some nonsense and I didn't really think the chalk dust would hold to hair realistically, but I did want to play around with my hair color so I thought, what the heck, why not?

12pc Hair Chalk Set from

And apparently, hair chalking is a real thing. Like an actual thing that doesn't fall off from the minutest gust of wind and holds quite damn well. As I'd find out, hair chalk is really resilient and even stiffer than when I'd use gel on my hair. This next pics are not purely photoshopped: hair chalk comes up really bright and bold, and it's stiff enough to hold curls.

photo from
photo from Style by Juliet

I didn't even know about this trend but my friend Me-ann says she's been keeping tabs on for about a year. There's Youtube how to's all over the place and dozens of pins on pinterest, which I'd link to if I had one.

I'm getting so many ideas for this but I just couldn't wait to do a post about hair chalk. So for now, here's my trial run using the sky blue stick (fifth on my product pic.) I just tried a little on to check how it does with dark hair because hair chalking is lovely on those platinum blondes.

It turned out alright! To use, just wet the part you want to color and rub the chalk. Messy, but easy shmeasy. The application is a little streaky 'cause I did it by myself, in front of my webcam. And I think you can see how stiff it got my hair to be. The water's dry by that time and I ended up with that stringy mess. Pretty vibrant, though!

Don't fret! For those who missed the deal, I've seen online that some people use soft pastels, a pretty common art supply. Personally, I can't wait to play some more with my newest toy. Good luck!

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