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Subscription Boxes: February Roundup

February just ended and it's time once more to do my monthly roundup :) I'm pretty pissed at this month 'cause I wasn't able to get 2 out of 4 of my subscriptions. One of it is my fault and one of it isn't. So kids, learn from me: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH so that you'll know what's up with each of these brands.

Let me just start off with: WOW. This month Shiseido really took over the whole internet. They got the whole BDJ box and invaded Sample Room. They kept the buzz throughout the month by promising prizes galore for anyone participating in the 7-Day Challenge for both BDJ Box and Sample Room subscribers.

Read on to find out who I love and who I hate this February...

My February BDJ Box
Php 480/box

Delivery: Last week of the month. Received February 15.

Theme: In Light and Love, a Shiseido exclusive.

Items Sent:

6 items + 3 vouchers = 9 total items
5 skin care, 1 makeup accessory 

None, but the Night Emulsion and Balancing Softener were pretty large, maybe a month's supply as opposed to the usual one-week or two-week trial.

For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

You can also check out my Day 0Day 3 and Day 7 posts if you wanna find out how White Lucent works :)

Full-Size Average: Php 3075. It's off the shiz 'cause it's a Shiseido box! And if I hadn't gotten the Nippon set it'd have been Php 3660!!!
*The FSA is the average of all the full-size prices of the samples, excluding vouchers.

Addon: A bottle of Celeteque Cleansing Oil for quarterly subscribers. Contests galore! I've won two Soiree invites, one through the 7 Day Challenge and one through the Lottery. I also won a notebook for being the first to answer one of their raffle questions correctly on the FB page, squee!

Final Verdict:
Well I have nothing to complain about now. BDJ TOTALLY ROCKS! The Exclusive is a great idea, and all the contests just keep you excited about the brand! I'm actually kind of scared at how good BDJ has gotten, I hope they don't disappoint ><

Delivery: Scheduled on the second week of the month, arrived on time at February 15.

Theme: Romantic Beauty

Items Sent:
5 items + 1 voucher = 6 total items
2 skin care, 1 makeup, 1 fragrance and 1 makeup accessory

  1. Kji & Co (Malaysian?) Emergency Lash Rx, Php 1350 / 2ml
  2. Carmex (US) Jar, Php 109.75 / 7.5g
  3. Wild Peach Cosmetics (Filipino) Customizable Makeup Palette, Php 298 / Personal size with sticker
For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

Full-Size Average: Php 1610.95

Addon: The palette was a gift for quarterly subscribers. I wouldn't exactly call it an addon since I still got just the promised number of items.

Final Verdict:
Great selection if not for the fragrance. Again, we have a lot of full-sized items which is always something to look forward to.


Php 500/box

Ships out: Around the 21st. And I never got mine.

Final Verdict:
When SaladBox announced the opening of February boxes, I ordered and paid through PayPal immediately, just like how I did it the first time around. And nothing happened for THREE DAYS. It turns out, they STILL had issues with processing PayPal transactions. Although my previous order was paid and filled, it was still labelled processing in my account and so I couldn't get the new February order in.

By the time I had contacted them and got it settled, the boxes were sold out and the CSR didn't care that it was basically their fault I missed a box. This late in the game, they still don't know how to process payments via PayPal. Seriously? SaladBox, I hate you. You made me miss my first box and you suck so hard.

You can check out Peachy Pink Sisters' unboxing (the first I've seen) here.

100 free points to spend. 1 point for every review.

Ships out: Immediately.

Items Purchased: 

I didn't purchase anything but like I said in my intro, the Shiseido White Lucent line stole the show this February. Sample Room sold the mask (singles) and the serum (small bottle) for 102 points to, I guess, teach people a lesson that it pays to be loyal and to review :P FYI A first-timer wouldn't be able to get this 'cause they get ONLY 100 points upon first signup. Points are regained after purchase and +1 point for each review you post.

When I heard that they were releasing White Lucent, I didn't bother lining up 'cause I already had my BDJ-Shiseido exclusive. I DEEPLY REGRET THIS 'cause Sample Room gave a waaay bigger serum sample.

And also, I'm starting to get their schedule now. Seems like they release new items mid-month and will probably restock in-demand items maybe once 'til the next barrage of items.

You can check out badwithnames' (my new online buddy) purchase here for more info.

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