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Subscription Boxes: January Roundup

OMG I'm such a horrible blogger... I completely forgot about my January roundup! You might be asking yourself why  would I still post it this late in the game? 'Cause I'm on a bid to be the subscription boxes queen of the world. lol. So far, I've only missed the October and November SaladBoxes, and the October BDJ box, back when I hadn't heard of these glorious little things yet.

Php 480/box

Delivery: Last week of the month. Received January 11, as a consolidated December-January box. If you want to know what happened there, click here.

Theme: Beauty for the Better

Items Sent:

7 items + 2 bonus items and 4 vouchers = 13 total items
4 skin care, 2 cosmetics, 1 hair, 1 nails, 1 fragrance

  1. Pantene (International) Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water, 250ml  -  Php 249
  2. Snoe Beauty (Filipino) Beso Balm, twist tube  -  Php 149
  3. Flormar (Italian) Supershine Nail Enamel in 378, nail polish bottle  -  Php 99
  4. Flormar (Italian) Longwearing Lipstick in L21, lipstick  -  Php 349
For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

Full-Size Average: Php 1057.60. This is different from the figure on the December Roundup since I picked up a typo on the price of the Pantene product.
*The FSA is the average of all the full-size prices of the samples, excluding vouchers.

Addon: I'm so bad at this. I can't remember if they had contests 'cause I did this thing way too late. There was a BDJ Journal that came with this box as an apology about the December cancellation/delay.

Final Verdict:
"Brands are so-so but the quantity is definitely a plus. Product diversity is also improving. Even though they gave a lot of full-sized products, I noticed that these were the most inexpensive items." - from my December Roundup.

My January GlamourBox
Php 595/box

Delivery: Scheduled on the second week of the month, arrived January 18.

Theme: Beauty Resolutions

Items Sent:
7 items. No vouchers!
3 skin care, 3 makeup, 1 makeup accessory


  1. LA Splash (US) Enlightened Creamy Eyeshadow Base in Illuminating  -  Php 400 / 5g
  2. KJI & Co (Malaysian?) Lip Staysss in Dolly Blush  -  Php 410 / 2g

For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

Full-Size Average: Php 2 025.71. That's a fucking expensive box.

Addon: I don't remember! I better just remove this criteria for the next two -_-

Final Verdict:
I loved the number of makeup samples; I could live on skin care and makeup samples, actually. Also: that's a fucking expensive box.

My January SaladBox

Php 500/box

Ships out: Around the 21st. Got mine either third or last week of January, I can't remember. And now I've learned my lesson not to delay my roundups -_-

Theme New Year, Better You.

Items Sent:

5 items + 2 vouchers = 5 total items
4 skin care, 1 makeup

  1. Sophia by Virginia Olsen (Filipino) Eyelash Enhancer, Php 2750 / 5ml
  2. Ysabel's Daughter (Filipino) Revitalizing Facial Serum, Php 960 / 30ml
  3. Missha (US) Oil Control Paper, Php 140 / 1 pack
  4. Amuse (US) Eyeliner in Gold, Php 150 / 1.9g or 1 long-ass pencil
For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

Full-Size Average: Php 832.

Final Verdict:
I don't know if the Sophia is much of a New Year's treat because while full-sized, it was manufactured in Aug. 2011 and is set to expire on Jul. 2013. 4 out of 5 items are full-sized, now that's a treat! Admittedly, I'm not too excited and I guess it's 'cause the oil control film is pretty lame. If you're not going to go by quantity, each and every item must kick ass in terms of quality.

My January SampleRoom purchases

100 free points to spend. 1 point for every review.

Ships out: Immediately. Got mine in two days.

Items Purchased: 
  1. Moringa O2 (Filipino) Malunggay Lotion, 25 points only for the full size 125ml. What a steal!
  2. Ahava (Israeli) All in One Toning Cleanser, 60 points / 30ml sample. 

For more info on the items, check my unboxing here.

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