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Tellie Visits: House of Obagi, TriNoma for a Signature Treatment

Aside from makeup reviews, I also want to blog about the different beauty establishments I patronize. I love getting spa treatments and massages and all those frilly things girls love doing. So last Feb. 28, I used my Glamourbox House of Obagi voucher for 50% off on the House of Obagi Signature Treatment. I paid Php 1750 instead of the regular Php 3000 rate because of this voucher :D

Voucher from my December GlamourBox

Being the closest to my house, I visited HOO Trinoma. The storefront has a very clinical  vibe and the receptionists are really nice and know their stuff really well.

House of Obagi, TriNoma

They offered me a drink but I declined, wanting to focus on exploring the place... It is my first time to get a facial treatment from a dermatological clinic. I ended up regretting this  decision because that water goblet is too fab for words.

Refreshment stand

And they have a makeup line? Squeee!

Super cute makeup display

Pretty soon, my treatment was set up and I had to get in my little room. I had such a hard time taking decent photos of myself WHILE getting the facial done so here is one of me looking like an egg while getting this crazy detox treatment. This is already the most decent shot I have and I'll speak of it nevermore.

An egg getting detoxified.

In retrospect, I wish I brought a friend/my boyfriend 'cause taking pictures of myself is so damn hard and I kept forgetting what was being put on me. Some bloggers fly solo but I guess I just can't do that. Check out Animetric's review on the HOO Signature Treatment, with pictures taken by herself, eyes closed and all that jazz!

Since I forgot to take note of what was happening and the Treatment is not itemized in the website I had to email them my questions. They happily informed me that it's the Obagi 360 line with a few extras in between. It was a little embarrassing how many questions I was asking but they happily obliged and answered in so many details. Top-notch service in and out of the clinic!

Anyway, here's the 360 routine:
Obagi 360
Foaming Gel - Cleanser
Toner - Prepares the pores for the other treatments
Pro-C 10% serum - Vitamin C for the face; lightening 
Clear - Lightening of the superficial area
Exfoderm - Scrub to get rid of dead skin cells
Eye Cream - The only Nu-Derm product cleared for use in the eye area
Sunblock SPF 50 - Highly recommended and vital part of the Obagi system

Foaming Gel
Pro-C 10% serum
Blender & TR Complex - Treats pigmentation, melasma and discoloration, and is more effective in conjunction with Tretinoin.
Eye Cream

On top of these treatments, I was given a mask, massaged on the head and face, steamed like a dumpling, vacuumed, extracted (in Filipino, tiniris,) detoxed with those weird metal wands and given a round of laser treatment.

Everything felt heavenly but my least favorite part would have to be the extraction. Even vacuuming was fun and funny! I guess it's just impossible to relax with that much pain :( I even teared up a little bit huhu. Tiis-ganda na lang. The only upside to this is that I feel like my pores got a "general cleaning."

It was so relaxing! Their beds were really comfy. They're not just regular cots but instead are those bendy hospital beds which just hug you all over. And the pillows and blanket! ZOMG. Here's my comfy and cozy little nook after the treatment:

Very clean bed, with a hygienic foot pillow and a cloud-like blanket.

On top of that, several stages of the treatment involved a face and head massage. ZZZZzzzz. The creams and lotions feel so fine and fluffy on your face that you want more, more, more! It also doesn't hurt that the staff is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The receptionists are really pleasant and Arlene gave me a lot of tips on DIY and home-based skin care.

My skin felt very soft and smooth the next day. The ever-present roughness on my nose was gone and my cheeks felt velvety smooth. The treatment will leave you feeling fresh until the next day and it will totally show!

HOO is definitely worth the splurge, but not on a regular basis and maybe if they're on promo. They're always on promo, especially around this time of the year so do check out your couponing websites. Whatever it may cost, House of Obagi is definitely worth it!

HOO Signature Treatment:
Cost: Php 3500
Duration: 45 mins - 1 hour
Precautions: Consult first if you have other treatments ongoing and make sure you have nowhere else to go after because you can't put makeup on after the treatment.
Obagi 360 line cost: Php 40 615. Currently on promo for PHp 28 000. It's veeeeeery steep but you get what you pay for, and all the products are gigantaur-sized.

House of Obagi TriNoma:
Level 2, Trinoma Mall
Mobile: 0917-861-0147 / 0922-842-9794
Phone: 916-6564 / 916-9820
HOO web:

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