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Weekend Post: I love Miz Naomi

I was supposed to post this yesterday but was sooo tired coming home from the BDJ Beauty Social. While I'm doing my event post, let me show you what made my whole week.  And also, don't forget to join my giveaway.

When she's not being a premiere cellphone thrower (HA!) Queen Naomi is also the ultimate shade thrower. Now I normally worship the ground Miss Coco walks on but...

Context: Naomi is being a sore loser about her team's poor showing in The Face, a reality modeling competition a la The Voice. Coco makes a quip that Naomi's girl can't even get the shade of her eyeshadow right. Shade was thrown.

You tell 'er NayNay!

Bow to the queen

She is the queen and she knows it! I bet this is running inside her head in a 24-hour loop.

and you ain't.

I also love how the REAL supermodels keep dissing Tyra. Naynay has officially joined the ranks of Team Janice. Kate Moss should go next.

Mama TyTy is not gonna like this.

I hope The Face gets imported ASAP.

Public Service Announcement: SaladBox's Free Samples Promo is a Joke!

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