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Lipstick Week: Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick in No. 27 Cream Orange

It's Day 2 of Lipstick Week and I'm soooo relieved I finally got off my ass and did makeup shots, hooray! They're far from perfect and I still have a lot of issues with photo sessions (like why does my nose register SO HUGE on my camera?) but everything I've posted is already accurate, color-wise. Yay for the small victories!

Yesterday you heard about my trusted nude-pink a.k.a. Korean pink. Today I'm featuring  the current orange/tangerine that's rocking my socks off: Bebeco Real Shine in Cream Orange.

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick in No. 27 Cream Orange

Pink is a really difficult color for me to wear. As much as possible, I stick to faint (nude) or bold (fuschia) extremes but never a middle pink. Orange on the other hand, is universally cute on so many different skin tones and it's just so youthful.

Bebeco Real Shine Lipsticks run at Php 641 and are available through the OrangeBox online boutique. In Korea, it runs for about Php 450 adding to my hate-fire of overpriced Korean cosmetics in the Philippines.

The tube I'm using is a sample I got from my April OrangeBox.

Product Description:
Bebeco carries skincare and makeup products. I was a little turned off to find a non-English-friendly Korean site (bearing an Internet Explorer favicon, EGAD!) and an incomplete Singaporean site. Additionaly, this brand is sold in bulk through Alibaba.

I can't say much about Real Shine lipsticks because the product page has information in picture format and Google can't translate it. The most I can say is that it applies glossy because it has microscopic shimmer particles.

Cream Orange is a deep tangerine that can pass of as an almost-red. I call it a stepping stone red for those who are too intimidated by pure red or deep red shades.

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick No. 27 Cream Orange skin swatch

I caught a little too much glare in my swatch shot so it looks lighter than it really is. I didn't bother to correct it so that readers have an idea of how wet and shiny it transfers.

How to Use:
Swipe and store. It brings out flakes of skin so your lips have to be exfoliated before doing this. I used primer in these shots and it clearly isn't enough to flatten my lip skin. Real Shine is hydrating and shiny enough to do without gloss.

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick No. 27 Cream Orange lip swatch

Real Shine applies a little streaky so I have to go over multiple times to make sure the application is even. While it emphasizes peeling skin, hydration is still top notch and is highly recommended for people with dry lips.

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick No. 27 in Cream Orange lip swatch

Lasting Power:
This isn't very durable. It lasts 2-3 hours and is very unsightly when it fades. The outer areas remain very bright while the inner areas are completely faded. I suspect it's connected to the streakiness in that I feel like it doesn't hold itself together very well.

Praise is due to its hydration. Even if there's barely any color left, my lips feel sufficiently moisturized. It even feels almost like a balm. The stick is described as a balm somewhere on the box but I wouldn't completely trust that as translation is very splotchy.

High color fidelity and extreme moisture.

I like the shade but I don't like the brand. It's too expensive for an Alibaba brand.

Beauty by Tellie score:
3/5. The shade is so *sigh* even my mom wants it! It transfers as-is on my lips and I also think it's awesome with hydration.

However, I got really turned off by the brand and overall quality isn't that good when it fades so quickly. For that price range, I would've wanted more out of this tube. Nonetheless, the color is really pretty enough for me to keep wearing it. I just wish it were more perfect because I'd really love to put this up on Tellie's Trusted.

Does anybody have a better dupe for this?

You can check out Bebeco's page here;
Real Shine page here; and,
OrangeBox's lipstick boutique here.

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