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Lipstick Week: Bloom Lip Tint in Stain

It’s day 3 of Lipstick Week and it’s time for my MLBB (my lips but better) or barely there lipstick!

It would make sense to feature a lip tint for MLBB but I find that most lip tints, especially drugstore balm tints, come in this very deep berry hue that is oh so unnatural on most people. Sure, there are a blessed few who look like they are persistent lip-biters and they have deeply flushed lips. Newsflash: it only looks normal on those people who have really pale skin yet very flushed cheeks as well. It's a long debate with me but to keep things short: sheer doesn't always mean natural-looking. Do sheer black stockings look natural on pale legs?

Bloom Lip Tint in Stain

This review is veeery nostalgic because Bloom was my ultimate college lipstick. Coming from a Catholic all-girls high school, I was so afraid of color. We were forbidden to wear even tinted balms and when you're used to your anemic lips, lipstick can get really, reaaaaaally intimidating. 

Php 750 / 3.5g and available in Beauty Bar stores. There are Beauty Bars in most major shopping malls but you can double-check here.

I wish it wasn't this expensive. It's a thin stick with sheer color so it finishes up pretty fast. I used it everyday and I finished it up in about 2-3 months, on average, I think? I hardly remember but it was preeeetty fast.

Product Description:
Bloom is famous for natural-looking hues and it was the only lip product I could trust. I wore Stain everyday and I think I went through about three tubes before getting sick with it and trying out two other colors. Eventually, I moved on from the tints… to the Bloom lipstick in Sheer Pout. Haha!


Bloom Lip Tints have the combined benefits of lipstick and lip balm. It has moisturizing elements but coloring is just sheer so people who want actual color might not like this. This is more suited for people who want a discreet splash of healthy-looking color on their lips. 

It has SPF 8 and a yummy vanilla/sweet bread smell. The scent is a little reminiscent of MAC's but there's a slight difference I can't pinpoint. I also love the packaging because the thin tubes are easier to carry. While lightweight, the cap is pretty heavy so it clicks closed with confidence. I have a lot of insecure lipsticks.

Stain is described in the website as a melon sheen.

Bloom Lip Tint in Stain

How to Use:
Glide and store! Gloss: optional, as Bloom Lip Tint is moisturizing but it isn't soothing enough for deeply chapped lips.

It applies very sheer but is buildable. I put on 2-3 coats most of the time to cover imperfections on my lip but it doesn't cover that all the way. I think that's part of why it's a great MLBB shade. 

1-2-3: Bloom Lip tint in Stain with one, two and three layers.

Lip Tint is great MLBB material and you just have to choose among the six available shades.

Bloom Lip Tint in Stain lip swatch

It doesn't look like much on that swatch but side by side with my un-Stained lip, you can see how I transform from deathbed chic to faking it naturally.

Naked lips vs. Bloom Stain-ed lips

As a final note, this kind of sheer goodness cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be worn with bad skin, blemishes or eyebags. If you have too much tiredness or blemishes showing on your face, the sheer lip will only make you look dishevelled and undone. If you decide to cover all of that up, you'll realize that Lip Tint is difficult to pair with higher coverage makeup because the sheer element on the lip points to the fact that everywhere else is heavily covered up. As they say, the natural look is the toughest to pull off.

Lasting Power:
It's hard to judge because the color looks so natural but I usually retouch at the 3-4 hour mark. It doesn't survive meals either.

Excellent selection of MLBB hues. It has SPF and one-of-a-kind selection of tints. The scent is also yummy!

It looks unimpressive on the lips alone and I might be starting to sound like a raving hobo here so I did my very best to take a semi-decent face shot and show you all how it interacts with my whole face and how natural it looks. 

My face with Bloom Lip Tint in Stain on my lips

Whereas, henceforth, heretoforwith, I do hereby solemnly declare: this awkward face shot of me wearing Stain means I am about 5 steps away from coming up with good portraits. WHOZAAA!

Done x 6. This is my seventh. I'm a huge fan!

Beauty by Tellie score:
5/5. Definitely a Trusted by Tellie for MLBB. Even the two other colors I've tried look so natural but Stain is my absolute favorite so far. It makes me feel so young and fresh, partly because of the college thing. Even if I disregard the college thing, I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off at this age but it still looks great and I can say that Bloom is timeless, for sure.

The only cons are how fast I use it up and the depressingly high price. In the end, it's still a remarkable product and I'm willing to overlook the price... Sometimes.

For further reading, (and for those of you reading this entry over the toilet,) here's what's printed all around the box:

Sides of the Bloom Lip Tint box

Front and Back of the Bloom Lip Tint box

Check out Bloom's lipstick page here; and,
Bloom Lipstick Sheer Pout's page on Beauty Bar Philippines here.

Would you wear MLBB shades? What's your favorite?

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