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Lipstick Week: MAC Lustre - Shy Shine

Hey everyone! I've been having a hard time choosing blog topics so I'm going to take a cue from Liz of Project Vanity and do a themed week. My OrangeBox Bebeco discovery has helped me rediscover a lot of my old faves so I guess I'll be doing Lipstick Week :)

Let's kick off Lipstick Week with one of Tellie's Trusted: MAC Lustre Lipstick in Shy Shine. This is my favorite nude pink lipstick and I only discovered it last December, when my sister's makeup artist (I think her name was Ichthiar. Eep sorry it was such a difficult name!) used it on me. The moment she brushed it on my lips I made a ruckus and bugged to know what shade it was.

MAC Lustre - Shy Shine

I just wanna look Korean! But rarely do I ever find a suitable pink shade. I've swatched around Revlon and The Face Shop (a Korean brand) but nothing looked good on me. My problem is that I'm really fair but my skin tone is also very, very warm. That's why most pinks look ashy on me and turn my teeth grey; or they are too cool and swatch too brightly on my face to be that subtle Korean pink. That is, until I found Shy Shine.

MAC Shy Shine

Price: Php 950-1000? I'm not sure. MAC cosmetics can be found in Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 3, Shangri-La, TriNoma, SM MOA, Rockwell, Eastwood and Ayala Center, Cebu.

I got mine through the Back 2 MAC program when we were on vacation last December. This program has been cancelled in the Philippines so you can only participate if you know someone abroad or are flying out yourself. I guess you can say it cost me six containers of old MAC products, harhar.

Product Description:
MAC Lustre sticks are regular, solid lipsticks that apply with a very light, liquidy feel to them. People with dry lips will love MAC's Lustre shades! It has fine and miniscule shimmer particles which make your lips look wet, rather than frosted. It's not 100% opaque so you can go a little heavier than normal.

MAC Shy Shine swatch: Two swipes on top, one swipe below

Shy Shine is from a previously discontinued collection. It's no longer in the online shop but I guess some stalls still carry overruns since I got mine December 2012. Based on the name, I guess Shy Girl would be the shade they added to the permanent collection to continue Shy Shine's legacy. Shy Girl looks a touch too orange or brown in pictures and I haven't seen it in person so I can't say for sure.

How to Use:
Swipe and store! My experience with this particular shade is that it brings out chappiness. I highly suggest lip primers.

This is the perfect nude-pink for me. It's a very, very light pink that has no cool tone at all so it won't translate as bright pink or neon pink on many skin tones. This has given me that perfect Korean lip without looking like I doused my pout in vinegar nor put some psychedelic pink mess over my lips.

I didn't use primer so you can see how much it brings up flakes of skin. It's not very obvious from a conversational distance though and I'm not really self conscious about it, I'm just being thorough for the sake of people who want perfect lips. also, take note of how wet it looks. It's not a greasy shine, but certainly not matte at all.

MAC Shy Shine on my lips. Please just look at the color.

Okay, so I am rarely apologetic about the stuff I post on this blog but OMG please forgive the nasty skin. I was breaking out BADLY from trying my Chanel skincare samples and didn't notice how QUE HORROR it looked on photo. From the viewfinder, I thought they would turn up fine, but they didn't!!! I would photoshop this thing tah hell and back if I could but unfortunately, I iz noob. Also, too lazy to take a new pic.

Staying Power:
Color and hydration stay perfect for about 2 hours and is practically gone by the 4-hour mark. It does not survive meals by any measure. This Lustre shade fades discreetly unlike opaque, bright shades so there's no pressure to keep checking or touching up.

Yes. DEFINITELY! The world is not ready to run out of tubes of MAC Shy Shine.

Beauty by Tellie score:
5/5. LOVE!!! SANTO DIOS I totally love this lipstick! Hydration + Nude pink a.k.a Korean pink + Discreet shine = perfect everything! It's perfect for my absurdly warm yet fair skin tone. To top it all off, I don't need gloss when I use this and I'm glad because my lips are too big and cannot handle typical gloss shine. Sure it doesn't last for long, but I really don't mind touching up my lips a few times a day.

Check out MAC's lipstick page here.

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